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FAA Approves Amazon to Deliver Packages by Drone

Due to the new normal of home delivery in the times of COVID-19, Amazon has won approval to blaze a new trail in the sector. The Federal Aviation Administration had granted Amazon approval to deliver packages by drones. It is a big step for the e-commerce giant. The virtual shopping giant has been working on drone delivery for years, but it has been slowed by regulatory hurdles. In 2013, Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said in a TV interview that drones would be flying to customer’s homes within five years. Prime Air is the third company to be cleared by the FAA for commercial drone deliveries, joining Alphabet’s Wind and UPS.

FAA approval does not mean everyone’s Amazon packages are going to be regularly delivered by drone right away. Amazon said it’ll take more time and work before its drone operations are ready to scale, but getting approval will allow it to start testing customer’s deliveries. Amazon has talked up its drone delivery plans for a long time. Last year, Amazon disclosed self-piloting dories that are fully electric, can carry 5 pounds of goods, and are designed to deliver items in 30 minutes by dropping them in the backyard. At the time, an Amazon executive said deliveries to shoppers would be happening within months. And, here we are. Now, get ready guys so see cameras in the sky watching everything!


Anyone surprised? 

So you cannot use your drone unless you want to go to jail. But a big corporation got approved. What a shock in the Corporate Fascist USA Oligarchy! No one cared to mention that it would take away jobs from real people. It’s like making profits over people.

It starts innocently. They’ll normalize us seeing drones daily. Then they’ll add cameras and start spying. The police will use this for surveillance and sending tickets to your home for voice pollution or something ridiculous. In other words, the Big Brother state just got closer. Soon you won’t know if it’s a pizza or a killer drone on the way to you. Quadcopters don’t fly with cargo for more than 20 minutes at best. In winter, you can throw that number at perhaps 12 minutes at best. So when spy dories are looking for quarantine breakers, issuing fines, and publicly shaming people with loudspeakers, you’ll think they are just Amazon drones. And you can drop the “NEW NORMAL” and COVID excuse. Well, that’s what they want. And that’s what’s going to happen if you’re not awake on time.

Regarding safety issues, this should be banned but then the amount of data Amazon is going to keep collecting on people is something important for them. Soon they are going to collect all the information like what kind of cars you have in your yard or what things you have in the backyard and what not. The FAA needs to develop a new air-traffic system to track low-altitude drone flights, as well as come up with rules to minimize the risk of drones striking other aircraft and disturbing human activity below. Do you think any such rule will ever be made?

So the real question is how many billions went to the FAA? CDC confirmed it is a dud. This has nothing to do with the virus. FAA is another corrupt government agency and we can clearly see that now. Imagine the noise of all these stupid things buzzing around every day. You see when a corporation does not pay taxes unlike workers, it has a lot of money to waste on stupid innovations. We don’t care about this innovation if it’s stupid but we definitely do care if it’s playing with our safety and privacy.

sfwesfwfWhat about drone accidents?

No technologies know what the required level of safety ought to be because it’s uncertain what level of risks society will tolerate. Few accidents already happened by photography drone where it knocked a woman unconscious during some Parade in Seattle. What if the drone will crash into someone on the ground?

Are Americans willing to face drone accidents in exchange for more convenience and freedom?

Don’t you think those drones are going to play with your safety and privacy?

Wake up, people. Do not let them play with your life!

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