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Simple hotel room safety tips that everyone should know!

Traveling is a great way to get a break from your routine and experience new things. However, it’s important to remember some simple hotel room safety tips before you go. First things first – it’s always better not to be alone, so if you can’t afford accommodation for two people change plans and meet them separately.

Also, make sure that you have bank cards with cash on hand so that there’s no chance of having problems with your card during the trip.

Stay with your luggage

First hotel room safety tip is lobby area is always a bit tricky. A lot of people hover around, some guests and otherwise. It’s vital to stay on your toes for a bit more and guard your bags so you can relax after long journeys. If you are not carrying heavy items, make sure you help yourself before taking a stranger’s hand.

No ground floor, please

Experts say that ground-floor rooms are the easiest to break in. Generally, the first floors are referred to as the ground floor in the hotel nomenclature and are not the ideal choice if you are traveling alone. The further your room is from the front entrance, the better. In case of any emergency, staying on an upper floor may be risky as well because it increases the chances of burglars getting into your room. So choosing something in between like a middle one can be helpful.

Inspect your room thoroughly

Check your room thoroughly before you leave. You can ask your chauffeur to wait at the door while you quickly scan every nook and corner, making sure that no surprises are waiting for you. Be sure to check all the locks and understand how they work so that you are not stuck in an unfavorable situation while the hotel staff is with you.

Be discreet with your room number

When traveling, it’s important to stay alert and aware of the surrounding. While you are at a hotel or in your room, it’s best not to reveal your room number or name to others. Instead, try not to spell out your room number in common areas like the lobby and restaurants as an added safety check. Always check your area near the room before entering and enter only when you think the coast is clear

Be vigilant while paying

When you are paying with cards, make sure that you collect your cards back. Also, note that no one is taking a sneak peek at your pin code. The hotel staff is generally extremely courteous and adheres to your methods of paying and is patient. So, take extra care and time while paying and collecting your belongings before moving ahead.

Use a Nickname or Last Name

One of the best tips for a safe hotel stay is to always use a nickname. You can also choose to be called by name or not to be called at all. Hotel staff is trained not to call you by name or reveal any information about you in front of other guests. Therefore, make sure you never reveal your real name when you are in a certain place and interacting with someone. This will help you stay away from stalkers who might later contact you online.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

When you are alone in a hotel in a foreign city, you should always check your surroundings. You should know the available areas nearby and always know how to get back to your hotel. A brisk walk to the hotel is the best way to make this assessment, reducing the chance of getting caught in a tight spot. Another important trick is to upload a map of your hotel from all the important places so you know how to get there and back.

Opened door of hotel room with key in the lock

Share your location

You should always share your location details with your friends or family. Traveling alone comes with many responsibilities and this is the most important. Always share your hotel name, number, and location before check-in, and let your loved ones know where you are at all times.

Keep your key

Your hotel room key is like a golden egg that you must protect at all costs. If you lose your key, inform the staff as soon as possible and change your room immediately. This is important if your hotel key has the hotel name on it as the key may have been stolen and not just lost. So be very careful when requesting a room change.

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