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Does a gentle parenting style work?

Parents worldwide often get confused with the ways of parenting and upbringing of their children. Of course, as we are all different, so are our children. We cannot talk about the one and only parenting style that will work for all situations, but some parenting styles are definitely better than others.

For example, if your parenting style is too strict and if you’re an authoritative parent, your child will probably become very shy, feel self-guilt, and maybe even become a people pleaser when they grow up. Besides that, very strict parenting styles can stop a child’s creativity, as well as its free spirit. Don’t expect your child listens to every word you say and follow it blindly. Maybe it’s better to try a gentle parenting style, here’s why:

1. Gentle parenting style helps your child grow healthy confidence.

If you opt for gentle parenting, you will definitely realize that your child is growing its confidence on a daily basis. Your family and your home will become a healthy environment. Your child won’t try to hide something from you because they trust you and they know you won’t punish them. This also brings more safety – you don’t have to worry that your child is going through some problems they don’t want to share with you.

2. Your child will become more independent.

Once they gain enough confidence, they’ll also become independent. You won’t have to worry a lot about your child – they are now confident enough to take action, but to be cautious on their own.

3. Strong emotion regulation skills.

A healthy child will know how to self-regulate their emotions. They’ll live in some sort of balance. You will be able to feel that they are actually doing okay and feeling nice most of the time.

4. Adventurous and creative.

A gentle parenting style can help children develop more creativity. Don’t try to stop their talents from growing, but better nurture those together. Children who are confident enough and independent may become adventurous but in a good manner. The next fact explains everything.

5. Intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Be that parent who knows how to help your child get the best of their potential. A gentle parenting style will help your child develop higher intelligence and most of all emotional intelligence. This means that they’ll be capable to create healthy relationships with others, but also with you – especially when they grow up. A lot of people are confused about why their adult children don’t want to hang around with their parents. It’s because their parenting style wasn’t good.

Besides everything mentioned above, it’s good to know that a gentle parenting style won’t cause any trauma to your child. Too many people on this planet are fighting with their childhood traumas in their adult age. Be gentle with your child because this world is already cruel enough. Don’t punish your children because life will punish them even when they are not guilty.

What is your personal opinion about the gentle parenting style?

Which parenting style do you like the most?

Which one brings out the best in children?

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