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What to know if you’re dating a highly sensitive person?

Feelings are incredibly subjective. What one person experiences are different than what others go through. While we have no real way to quantify our emotions, we can compare and see the differences. The highly sensitive person (HSP) can be hard to be in a relationship with. Their sensitivity and introverted ways can make it hard to reach and relate to them.

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Sometimes they need “Me Time”: Some highly sensitive people are introverts. Some are extroverts. But all of them, even the most social and chatty, sometimes need to disappear on their own. This is because stimulation of all kinds can quickly overwhelm a highly sensitive person’s senses, and they need time without stimulation to “come down.” If you’re living together, your highly sensitive person may have a room that’s just theirs and ask you never to enter. If you are not living together, they may seem to vanish for a few days. All you need to do is willing to respect them and not disrupt their alone time when they say they need it.

sfeedThey know that most people don’t understand them: Among the world population, only 15 to 20 percent people are highly sensitive. And remaining 80+ percent has never heard of high sensitivity. As a result, highly sensitive people don’t just feel misunderstood – they are misunderstood. And they’re used to how most people handle it. So, if you take a different approach, like listening openly and trying to understand their experiences, you will stand out. And they’ll love you for it.

Never use these two labels: Highly sensitive people are sick of listening that they’re “too sensitive” or even “shy.” If you’re about to use these words for them, just don’t. Your highly sensitive person will appreciate you taking the time to understand.

Nothing is sexier to a highly sensitive person than being accepted: Let’s be real for a second. A most highly sensitive person has had a long list of suitors who took zero minutes to understand them. These are people who saw the highly sensitive people’s creativity, their sensitivity, or their quirky personality and said, “I love that. That’s amazing.” But these same people never took the time to say, “I also accept and love the side that has needs, the side that has to process, the side that’s inconvenient when it gets overwhelmed.” If you can take the time to listen and accept your highly sensitive person, they will love you more deeply than you have ever been loved before.

They hate the conflicts: Lots of people use to avoid conflicts because they don’t like it. For a highly sensitive person, it’s more than just that. Conflict is a major source of overwhelm. It’s a situation that demands fast, firm responses while dumping emotional signals on them. Many highly sensitive people deal with this by going out of their way to keep their partner happy. This can become a problem, particularly when they don’t speak up for their own needs. If you’re dating someone who is highly sensitive, be aware of this tendency. Remember, listening skills and creating safe space for honest, no-yelling discussion go a long way.

Their environment affects them: We all like some types of environments better than others. But a highly sensitive person’s system puts a lot more energy into processing the signals around them, be that nice, light, activity, or the presence of other people. So what you need to remember is – Think about whether your highly sensitive person will enjoy a setting before you make a plan; give them plenty of advance warning if a venue is going to be loud, crowded, or busy; and be understanding and supportive if they say they have to leave — even if they were having fun just minutes ago.

sdfsgeThey love being engaged on a deeper level: Highly sensitive people process things deeply, so they’re usually thinking about the big things in life. That could be as personal as how a friendship is going to work out, or as cosmic as the future of humankind. Either way, highly sensitive people want to move quickly beyond surface-level chitchat.

They don’t like the sneaking up: It’s not cute to sneak up on a highly sensitive person and scare them. Because they won’t laugh afterward. They’ll need minutes or more to recover.

Choose your movie carefully, especially first movie: We all know that a super horror film isn’t a great first date movie unless you know the other person’s choices well. But even with more mainstream movies, avoid anything likely to be super violent or gory because highly sensitive people tend to feel the pain and emotions of those movie characters.


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