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Do women prefer men with money or handsome men?

Do women prefer men with money or handsome men?:

If you’re trying to find the love of your life, you’ve probably asked yourself this question – Do women prefer men with money or handsome men? The truth is, we cannot give you a universal answer to this question because not all women are the same. Yet, we can take a look at the statistics and make some interesting conclusions.

Dating sites:

Let us see Do women prefer men with money or handsome men? Statistics that come from various dating sites show us that women prefer dating men who are more educated, but they are also searching for men with higher incomes. When we go back to our basic biology, it’s easy to understand why this happens. Women are searching for protection and safety, but they are also attracted to alpha males and leaders.

Handsome and attractive men:

It’s interesting to hear that women who searched for this type of man were also highly educated and probably had good incomes too. Of course, we cannot make a universal conclusion for all cases. It’s different when women are searching for casual sex. In that case, they will probably search for handsome and attractive men that can make good lovers.

Men with money:

If they want to meet their future husband and the father of their children, women will search for successful men. Men with high education and income will receive 255% more attention from females on dating sites than those who are not successful in their businesses or work.

High and stable income:

We must not ignore the fact that there weren’t many differences between the countries as well. An interesting conclusion would be that women of reproductive age were mostly attracted to men who have a high and stable income. That definitely explains the biological fact I’ve already mentioned above.

A good-looking man with money:

The topic was also posted on Quora and some of the answers caught my attention. Women claim that they will choose an ugly man who is a millionaire over a handsome and broke man who doesn’t have a job, but they would definitely love to meet a man who is both handsome and earns a lot, which doesn’t surprise anyone. Some other answers included the fact that looks will fade anyways, and that a successful, intelligent, and smart man is always capable to earn money. Of course, that wasn’t the answer for all women – some said that they couldn’t be with a guy that doesn’t attract them physically, despite the fact that he could have tons of money.

Attention of women:

A good-looking man will always have the attention of women, but if he at least tries to be successful and gets a stable job, then definitely he’ll have the most chance of choosing a woman he wants and likes.

Different women are searching for different things:

It’s not black or white, different women are searching for different things. Those women who are educated and have high incomes already will probably opt for a handsome man who wants to work and is caring.

We hope that this article was interesting to you. Keep in mind that it’s informational and doesn’t conclude gender behavior.

We want to see your opinions as well – write in the comment section. Let us know what your personal opinion on this topic is.

Do you prefer rich or handsome men?

If you’re a man, what do you think women prefer more?

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