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What makes a woman RARE?

Let us see what makes a woman rare. We often talk about beauty, but the truth is that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. In this, article, we want to create a list that will represent all those facts related to rare women. A rare woman, every man would want to marry, looks like this:

1. She is really unique.

You won’t find any other woman like her – the way she talks, the way she smiles, the way she dresses. This woman has her own life philosophy and is completely blind to the world’s trends. She knows her values and doesn’t try to be someone else.

2. A rare woman knows her feminine side really well.

A feminine and romantic woman that knows her nature. She is truly rare.

3. She lives in balance.

You won’t see her being constantly nervous. She knows herself and knows how to be in balance. A rare woman has learned that arguing with others, making fights, and gossiping ruin her life.

4. Rare ladies are both strong and gentle.

She will allow her man to be a man. Yet, she won’t fall for anybody if she doesn’t meet a suitable man. She knows how to go through life in a strong manner, but she also knows how to be gentle when the right man is on her side.

5. Rare women don’t fight with other women.

She is confident enough to know that jealousy can poison her heart and life in general. Women don’t compete with other women. She knows her value – and everyone can see that.

6. She is a complete person.

A rare lady won’t only focus on her looks. She is a complete person – she is educated, knows her values, has good morals, and takes care of her health.

7. She doesn’t give up easily.

This lady knows that giving up is for little girls. She knows her goals and follows her passion in life. When it becomes hard, she doesn’t give up.

8. She has a special talent.

Rare women also have some special talents, like singing, playing an instrument, drawing, or writing. A rare woman is usually very artistic. In general, she’s so passionate about life.

9. She is giving.

A rare woman has a big heart and always wants to help those in trouble. She is a true giver and like a mother, takes care of the people around here. She isn’t focused on materialism in life, but on spiritualism and faith.

10. She knows to admit when she is wrong.

Big and strong people know how to say that they made a mistake. She won’t run away from her mistakes and blame others for anything. She is mature enough to face life problems.

Besides all being mentioned, a rare woman won’t ever give up on the people she loves. She’ll try her best and continue believing in people. We don’t like when someone says that only foolish people don’t give up on others. No, they are not naive, but they are true empaths.

Do you agree with our list?

In your opinion, what qualities make a woman rare?

If you have time, you can also tell us what makes a man rare. Use the comment section below.

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