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Should you send your kids back to school?

We are living in the hard times, no one can doubt that… So many questions in our heads, so many worries without the answers.

Everyone should do the best they can and make proper decisions with a purpose to save their life, health, jobs, and overall well-being.

Here, I want to talk about the upcoming months. You have probably already heard that President Trump has announced going back to school.

Is that a good idea? Let’s talk it through…

werWhen you just take a look around, you will easily realize that we have already cancelled everything. So many places are closed. Take, for example, Hong Kong Disneyland. Many other big places like that will stay ‘shut down’ for a while.

Teachers are dying on a daily basis too. Now we even have NBA players testing positive. Then think of a STATE reimpose, rolls back reopened as CV surge. California order bars are either closed or about to close. In one sentence – This is not the time to put our kids on suicide watch.

When they tell you how you should send your kids back to school, and their only argument is that kids aren’t getting that sick from the virus, be sure to think about a lot of other things as well. All the children have their families, right? And the families have adults who are at much higher risk of getting serious complications from the COVID-19. Besides that, children need teachers to guide them in schools. And all the other staff from the building can get infected as well.

It is definitely not a smart idea to send your kid back to school. Why would you risk? If you ask me for advice, I would definitely tell you how schools should be opened online only. In that case, children will finally have some obligations to keep them busy again, and yet, no one will risk getting ill.

In the nowadays fast world that is driven by technology, children will enjoy learning online and exploring new things. If you are worried that you won’t be able to control how much your child learns that way, know that online schooling isn’t as it was before.

It is amazingly organized, with countless tests that can help both you and your child realize on which level she or he is.

Trust in your child and make smart decisions for your entire family, and for the overall society and mankind.

If we continue doing things we shouldn’t in the pandemic, it will last for quite a while, and I am pretty sure that none of us wants that…

asdfewSo, let’s all get disciplined and choose the best choices and ways to save ourselves and act responsibly.

No one knows what is ahead of us, and we will probably all have a hard autumn and winter season, but let’s do together what we can now!

When it comes to a change we want to see in the world, always remind yourself that the change starts with ourselves. The change happens when one human decides to do what’s right, and then the other does the same… And then it all falls into place.

Are you afraid of the second wave of the COVID-19?

When will our lives turn back to normal?

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