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Most Common Gemstones Used for Jewelry

Start checking out the most common gemstones used for jewelry so you can keep up with the latest trends. Many stones once symbolized wealth and were worn almost exclusively by royalty; others have become classic symbols of love. Start considering what gemstone you want for your next piece of jewelry!


Gorgeous and purple, many love amethyst because it symbolizes love and happiness. Purple was a color of royalty throughout history, so this stone also represents wealth! At one point, only the rich and powerful could wear the gem, though it’s now a common centerpiece to jewelry since it’s easily affordable and available to jewelers.

This beautiful stone ranges in color from pale to dark purple, offering a variety of tints to all individuals!


Like amethyst, emeralds were a sign of royalty in some civilizations—ancient Egyptians saw emeralds as symbols of rebirth and fertility. The beautiful shade of green is another reason this stone first grew in popularity.

If you’re looking for a magnificent deep green emerald, search for one from Colombia as you look for the ideal piece of jewelry. Emeralds mined in Colombia tend to have deeper shades of green because they have more chromium in them.


Diamonds have remained a classic for engagement bands and wedding rings because we see this strong stone as a symbol of love. Diamonds form under intense pressure, proving that something beautiful can come from difficult times.

Interestingly, many of us actually believe different diamond myths. But did you know this gemstone isn’t always colorless like most of us assume? You could buy a pink diamond ring if you want. A colored diamond allows you to maintain the classic look of this timeless gem while still showcasing your creativity.


One of the most common gemstones used for jewelry is rubies because they’re beautiful, durable, and captivating! Red is eye-catching, and a ring with a ruby centerpiece will easily capture attention.

Since these rings are durable, the jewelry made from them is sure to last a lifetime or become the next treasured family heirloom. Many see this gemstone as a symbol of power and influence—in romantic relationships, it symbolizes passion, making it the perfect stone for someone you adore!

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