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13 Secrets Hotel Managers Don’t Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered what are the ”dirty secrets” of hotel managers? We have done great research and we want to share with you all the things they pray you will never find out! The list is long, so we better start immediately.

Being nice to the stuff. The truth is, hotel stuff can do a lot for you. How to get all their ”special” services? Just be nice. And tip a bonus, of course.

Oh, the remote. Don’t touch the remote, as simple as that. It is literally almost never cleaned.

Switching rooms. If you didn’t know, you have the right to switch the rooms if you don’t like yours once they show it to you. Barely anyone is aware of this. Keep it in your mind.

adfdafCanceling your reservation like a pro. It is actually possible to cancel your reservation without getting a fee charge. How to achieve that? Simply – just call the hotel and ask them to change your booking to a later date. Also, call back a day later and make sure you get different hotel employee and cancel. The fee won’t even matter because you’ve pushed out the date and cancelation time.

How to book? The best advice here is definitely to do it through the hotel’s website. If you want to have a nice room with a great view, don’t do it through some other websites, because in that case, you will get some ”leftover” room.

Do hotels overbook themselves? Yes, that happens sometimes. They do it because the average daily no-show rate is 10%. So, let’s say that you have shown up and they are not able to offer you a room as you wish. What happens then? The hotel will pay for a room at another comparable hotel in the near area.

Concierge. If you didn’t know, a concierge is a person who receives guests at the hotel. You can ask them for some information you need. That’s their job too. Check out the first fact to get the whole point of this fact.

Clean sheets. If you are worried about clean sheets, know how the majority of luxury hotels actually has to clean them. Feeling calmer now? That was our point!

The plastic bag. You must always be sure that you use the plastic bag the hotel gives you for the ice bucket. When people don’t have enough time to get to the toilet they often reach for the ice bucket to vomit into. Keep this on mind.

”Key-bombing”. What does this term mean in the first place? If you have noticed that your key isn’t ”working” in some way, it may happen that you have been a victim of ”key-bombing”. Have you been rude to the staff? It was their game.

Revenge. Oh, hotel stuff strikes again. Many people claim how they have received phone calls in some random times throughout the day. It may happen that they have been rude to the hotel stuff too. Isn’t that still embarrassing?

asdasEveryone hopes you use your towel (not just after a shower). As simple as that. Be sure that you use your towel as a barrier when you sit on the hotel chairs.

Minibar secret. It is a must to check the seals before you get all your favorite small version of drinks. Once (we hope), it happened that one guest drank some alcoholic drink and later peed in the same bottle! So, you got the point.

Can you think of some more hotel manager’s secrets?

Which one has surprised you the most?

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