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More Christian Churches attacked in Sri Lanka

We all know how Christianity is actually a minority religion in Sri Lanka. Their overall population is 21.4 million and there are less than 10% of Christians there. 82% of those Christians are Roman Catholic. The rest of Sri Lanka is 70.2% Buddhist, 12% Hindu, and 9.7% Muslim.

So, what is going on all around the world? It seems like how Christian churches are constantly being ”accidentally” set on fire. It cannot be a coincidence. First, we had New Zealand, then Paris, now Sri Lanka? The elite puppet masters of the world are definitely implementing some of Satan’s ideas into reality.

xgdfAccording to the Bible, unfortunately, things are even going to get worst. Can you even believe how this all is truly happening? Is the doomsday coming soon?

Just remember the Hebrew calendar for a moment. How many days did it have? 364, right? Yes, not 365. People here are celebrating the Antichrist not even thinking about it.

For example, this may be an end of false Christianity. Anyone who knows how to count to 7 knows how the real Sabbath is on the 7th day of the week, not the 1st day. That is what Notre Dame theater represents. They are using God’s words so they can act like Gods and talk what they want. They do that because people trust them that way! So, people follow them, and not the Bible. That is definitely the worst problem here. Christian’s have been lied to by these people for even 1,000’s of years!

The doctrines embedded in our end-times society are inspired by true Satanic forces. Their mission is to prepare society for the emergence of the Antichrist. We can expect to see him come as a false messiah, mimicking the coming of Christ, and will call all the worlds to unite together in oneness in a New World Order under his leadership.

Who won’t be able to pay this price for his “benevolence”, those will pay with their own lives.

Think about the Vatican and Notre Dame church for a moment. There are statues of chimeras and gargoyles all over them. Why would a Christian church have such demonic things on their buildings? Or are they fake Christians?

Always remember how there’s only one God, Jesus His son, & the Holy Spirit…

They have been brainwashing the masses since the false Kennedy assassination. After that, we can see  999’s (207 killed 2+7=9, 450 injured, it occurred at 6:03 6+3=9). Understood? Just turn them upside down for the screaming are realize how that is actually pure symbolism of evil = 666!

The eight sites of explosions at Sunday included:  St. Anthony’s Shrine, Colombo St. Sebastian’s Church, Negombo Zion Church, Batticaloa Cinnamon Grand, Colombo Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo Near Dehiwala Zoo in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia A house in Mahawila Gardens, Dematagoda.

asdasdBesides that, you must know how there was no immediate claim of responsibility by any terror group. The truth is how seven people got arrested, but they cannot be responsible for all those crimes. There must be someone protecting their back! And we all know who that might be…

Of course, social media needed to take its role in all this mess. They are telling us how they just want to protect us by hiding the offensive pictures and videos? Actually, they are just trying to hide what is really going on from us. Never rely on such a service when it comes to information. Never.

Do you think how this all won’t actually stop?

Do you remember any similar event from the past to these ones?

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