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Are the good times really OVER FOR GOOD?

There have been many lessons learned in the previous period of time, but one is for sure – You simply can’t shut down an entire economy because of a virus. Or can you? 

When you have politicians bent on destroying the United States in order to do China’s bidding, it seems like how everything is possible. The economy will be shut down anyway… I think birth pains are coming out of the dark age and entering into the golden age.

2020 is truly the precursor for SHTF to come. I believe it’s clear to everyone now that we cannot trust the government. They should be our voice and our protection, and instead, we got everything opposite – they are playing with our lives and spreading lies all around. 

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are allowing them to pursue their plans. It is YOU – PEOPLE that are to blame for the pain of the next generation. YOU, the PEOPLE, will get what you ask for. If you’ve ever felt like your life has been tailored, it actually has!

sfgerfIn Orange county, California, they announced two years ago that the pegasus program is accessing everyone’s phone contacts with the purpose to prevent people from interacting with drug dealers. No one even blinked about that news! Do you see now how stupid it was? It was actually just a small test to see how future control will look like. And we allowed them to do THIS… It was all easy for them.

How much have they robbed us for? Even our identity is gone out of the window. Worldwide Coup is happening right now against the people of the world. This is all FAR WORSE THAN A VIRUS! 

We don’t have a “government”. Instead, we have cartels that are now not even about money, but about control. Once you have control, you can print all the money you want. 

Do you know what this all reminds me of? It’s like answering a phone number call that you don’t know. Would you just let anyone walk through the front door of your home? Well, that is what you are doing right now…

The price of freedom is death. Too few are willing to pay it in order to ensure others can obtain it. FREEDOM is never given. It must be taken. The land of the free is the land of the BRAVE. 

What our government is doing through spying over cell phones, TVs, and computers is just as bad as what the Chinese CCP is doing. We are being distracted by new things every so often, so they can continue with their plans. They are always finding ways to distract us. 

United we stand = divided we fall. We all need to get on our knees and pray to God for his protection, wisdom, and strength. 

We are in the terminal phase. These ARE THE BEGINNING OF DEPRESSION and oppression. 

Thanks, Bill, you were right, the next wave will get our attention… 

PLANDEMIC and Great Depression = W W 3 = D E P O P U L A T I O N!    

xcvdfv”All the worlds a stage.” – William Shakespeare


When you felt relaxed for the last time?

Have you stopped creating plans for the future?

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