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No Mask – No service requirement

I think everyone will remember these times for one specific thing – a protective mask. The uniform of the coronavirus is a face mask and they say that if we want to protect ourselves, we also must treat the unmasked people as our enemies.

And then again, if we want the quarantine to end – we must proudly wear our uniform in public, showing that we are responsible individuals.

In today’s world, those who are refusing to wear masks are seen as rude, violent, and even stupid. Some look at them as some sort of criminals.

What’s the real truth here? What is the intent of the government? It’s clear now – the purpose is to make society comply with their demands as a practice run when they will enforce Sunday laws as the Vatican beast’s mark…

swftreweSurprised? Well, the same outcome is ready for the 7th day. You know that ”Divide and conquer” is their doctrine that always brings wanted results.

The policy enforcers all have the shield of Rome on their uniforms. Our faith will be tested like never before, the Bible says. Are you ready?

For more than 8 months, these psychopathic lunatics are making us look like we are freaks. Indeed, we all know that the truth is just the opposite. These brain dead zombies are the biggest freaks that exist on this entire planet!

What’s going on in San Francisco, New York, and Houston? People have been fined by a $1,000 fee due to not wearing a mask and standing against it. You know, it’s obvious what we ”should” do – wear a mask and stand up against those who don’t.

Governor Gavin Newsom asks businesses to require everyone to wear a mask or – no service! They are doing everything in their power to crack down on people who don’t wear one. Violence over masks is on the rise, and it will just get worse over the winter.

They say this peak will be the longest, and some even predict it won’t end until April 2021! Will we all go nuts until then? That’s their plan – to make us completely tired to think about literally anything. And then to do with our lives, bodies, and souls – whatever they want.

NYPD mask confrontation arrest just happened. A man was forced off the train for not wearing a mask. Also the worker from Costco, Walmart. The store manager took the cart back with groceries, because the woman refused to wear a mask while shopping.

weIn royal Palm Beach county Florida, one man got bit up for not wearing a mask and the other man even pulled out a gun! He said out loud that he is ready to shoot if the man doesn’t put on a mask. Do you see how crazy this has become?

No mask? Okay then, it will be – no buying or selling, no traveling, no learning, nothing…

Revelation 13:17 ”And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Did you hear that the pandemic will last until 2032?

Or do you think this will last forever?

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