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Is lab food the future?

In this article, we will tell you about the lab food. We’ve been talking about population control for decades and it’s still a big issue. No drinking water, problems with food supplies. We already have countless hungry people mostly in poor countries. In Africa, children starve to death.

Take a look around yourself. What do you see? The problem here, the problem there. Now, they say that lab food, especially meat, is the future. We are already dealing with a lab-made virus. Should we add more complications to our system? But then just look around and you will find huge amounts of uneaten food being thrown away every day. What we need is consciousness – for people to understand that food is sacred and shouldn’t be thrown away like it’s nothing because it can be donated.

Eating natural food might become a luxury in the future just like organic food is today for many. It’s the same for drinking water. You may also not be able to eat fresh food because everything is becoming either processed or frozen.

How long into the future are we talking about when we then stop farming? Let me show you some numbers – this is how fast our population is growing…

7.8 billion people living on this planet – not too long ago in 1990, there were 5.3 billion of us. It is predicted that in 2050 there will be 9.7 billion of us. Can we feed everyone? My answer is yes – but not with artificial lab food, but with waking up the human mind to take only food they truly need, not to throw groceries away, and so on.

 Every 10 seconds 3.1 million children die of hunger-related causes.

They claim that lab food can be made quickly and safely anywhere on Earth. In Brazil, coffee prices are rising all the time, and vegetables are costing more and more each and every day. Not to mention this inflation that is just in its beginning – yes, it’s said that every 4th human being will be hungry in the upcoming years.

But then again, killing animals for food in the era when we have enough food to survive. People earlier had to hunt because there was no other way to survive. It seems like how we have welcomed everything that is not good from the past and also accepted everything bad we hope to come in the future. Why don’t we make healthy changes at this moment?

Did you know 70 billion animals are killed each year just so that we can continue enjoying our roots and steak? The question is whether we can afford to continue to rely on conventional farming agriculture for decades because of climate change? What to do? Many say lab meat is the answer…

The truth is that nowadays food is poisoned by literally everything. Pollution is all around us, and that’s what humans did. You can say that you eat healthy because you’ve ordered fish instead of French fries, but is that fish healthy? You get the point.

This is how they plan to create lab food, particularly meat:

Step 1 – a muscle stem cell is extracted from a chicken;

Step 2 – it is split into two pieces;

Step 3 – the sample is immersed in a bioreactor full of broth. The broth has sugar, salt, and protein.

Step 4 – the broth is in an oxygen-rich environment and has a regulated temperature. So, you have chicken ready in just two weeks. It’s said that the process requires less water and less land.

The point for everyone should be to leave a smaller carbon footprint. As we speak, meat is not the only product being made in the lab. Coffee is too. Singapore is the first country to approve it.

The question is if lab-grown food is safe? It was first made in 2013. Meat made in the lab is safe. It must not contain bacterial contaminants. But, many are concerned about the question related to hormones. Do they use it and will they use it to make meat bigger and larger? Anyways, it’s no secret that too much consumption of red meat is not good for you.

We need to think about one more question – what about the nutrition value of lab food? What if it will create an immunity deficiency? They cannot claim that something is good for us because decades are needed so we can see the consequences.

Lab food doesn’t have to be the future if we all buy food from our local farmers and butchers. We can even create small farms in our backyard. Don’t throw your health away for convenience.

If a nation is starving it’s not because of the lack of resources, it’s because its Government is corrupt. Butchering animals is not a problem in itself, it is the inhumane conditions they live in, and the inhumane butchering that is the real issue.

To be completely honest with you – Can’t imagine eating lab food. One of several problems with lab-grown food is that it is controlled by whoever owns the lab, which I don’t like. And the people who are creating these labs are the people who want to control all of the people on Earth, and they decide who gets the food and who gets to die by euthanasia.

Henry Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations;

control food and you control the people.”

A future world where people are treated like animals being monitored, controlled and herded and fed once a day or twice a day or maybe three times a day with lab food is a horrible way to look at a future, don’t you think?

Is this like a prison, for us all?

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