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Why people should never let themselves get fat and gross as they get older?

You’ve got old, have a love of your life you don’t want to impress anymore, and you’ve realized that you got a bit too relaxed about your looks.

Here’s why you should never let yourself get very fat and gross as you grow older.

1. First of all, you’ll ruin your health. If you go very fat for years, you’ll have a higher chance of getting diabetes, heart, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer. Our bodies are created to stay active – your body is not made to sit on the couch the entire day. Besides that, you cannot get fat easily while eating healthy food. This means that your diet will become very unhealthy and full of saturated fats. This will make your body create a lot of various kinds of inflammation, that can lead to creating even autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, lupus, or allergies. Not to mention your teeth. Your looks and the way you live and feel are often very connected with your health.

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2. Yes, your appearance can affect your personality too. When you become too relaxed about who you are and how you look, that will also affect your personality. Unfortunately, the change will be very bad. You can become jealous of other people, greedy, moody, and unfriendly. You’ll find yourself complaining about literally every single thing on the planet which will result in losing friends and people around you.

3. Your loved one will not be happy with the way you look. You will not be attractive to your partner anymore – let’s face this cold hard truth. You’ll expect them to want you the way they wanted you back in the day, but that won’t happen. Yes, they still love you, but you are not physically attracted to them anymore, which means that your sex life will suffer too. Sometimes, this even ends up in divorce.

4. You may suffer from some mental illnesses. You can get into depression or suffer from social anxiety. You’ll maybe pretend that you’re comfortable and confident about your “new body”, but deep inside you know that your self-esteem levels have dropped a lot since you got very fat and stopped caring about your looks.

5. Even your professional career can suffer. Not all jobs require certain looks and professionalism, but definitely, all want a human being that’s capable to take care of their looks and hygiene. If you don’t want your career to suffer, be sure that you look decent.

Overall, it’s never a good idea to stop caring about your looks. Yes, we know, sometimes taking care of your looks may require a lot of time and energy, and not everyone can get fit easily. Yet, no one said that you must be very fit and beautiful, but you definitely shouldn’t stop caring about your body and your appearance.

What do you think about our advice?

What do you think about people who stop caring about their looks over the years?

Do you know someone who got very fat over the years and completely stopped caring about their looks – how that affected your relationship with them and their personality?

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