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Things you do that can push him away

Do you feel that you often scare men away?

Just because you’re in a happy relationship with a great guy doesn’t mean, of course, that things are going to go amazing. There are a whole bunch of things that we do which, as unfair as it seems, totally turn off even the most interested guys. Check out the following points!

Smothering him: Most the women are pretty aware that smothering a guy will turn him off, but still do it without realizing. It’s an easy mistake to make, particularly when you’re really into him and can’t help it! Things like acting crazy when he doesn’t text back straight away, and waiting to spend every night with him, will usually make you seem a lot less mysterious and charismatic than you once were.

Social media affection: It can be a turn-off for him if you are almost always on social media, oversharing details about your relationship. If you post every detail of your own life, this can be interpreted as a kind of mindless showing-off and a desperate bid to attract attention. Not to mention the amount of time you have to waste!

afdwfaBeing a gossip girl: If you love to gossip about others, curb your enthusiasm. If you are badmouthing another woman, it shows that in a way you have insecurities and lack self-confidence. Also, you can come across as an idle person with an idle brain and no focus on your own life.

Workaholic: If you have too much focus on your work and other activities, that can be off-putting too. You may come across as a self-centered workaholic who finds it hard to strike a work-life balance.

No hobbies: If having a relationship is all that you care for in life, beware. Experts say that prospective partners would generally look for women who have a life of their own – your hobbies and special interests will certainly be appealing.

Being immature: Basically, if you’re immature, a guy is not going to be into it. No one’s saying you have to turn your lifestyle around, and there are a few girlish qualities that he probably loves about you. But things, like gossiping and getting totally consumed in other people’s drama, don’t portray you as a strong and respectable woman. If it’s something that a girl in high school would do, it’s probably better to do it when he’s not around. Don’t be too immature. We’re all adults here after all.

Being messy: Whether you live with your boyfriend or on your own, it’s not a great idea to live in what’s essentially a total pigsty. That’s not super attractive to the majority of people. If you’re a total scatterbrain and work from home and are a hoarder, you might have a bit of clutter here and there. But dirty dishes piled up in the sink which smells up the house and used underwear lying around is going too far. This isn’t about the woman having to drop everything and clean for the man, but you should still pull your weight.

Being Narcissistic: Taking care of yourself is one thing, but when you become absolutely obsessed with the way that you look, it can be more than a turn off — it can end up being a total and complete deal breaker! Just make sure your life is about more than that. Being beautiful isn’t the most important thing in the world, which is hard to remember when you have so many media messages telling you something different.

asdfMaking him feel not needed: Okay, just because guys don’t want to be smothered doesn’t mean they don’t want to be needed. Most guys don’t enjoy feeling like they’re not needed… and they definitely don’t like to go out of their way to do nice things for you and get absolutely nothing in return. This is especially true if you’re trying to juggle a demanding career, family problems, a sick dog and fights with your best friends. It can be difficult to notice every little thing that he does, and when you do notice, sometimes you forget to say thank you. Those kinds of slip-ups, however, make him feel pretty crappy.

Hating his friends: This is something else you can do which has the potential to do more damage than just turning him off. If you don’t get along with his friends, or his family for that matter, it puts him in an uncomfortable position He’s likely to feel torn between you and guilty for hanging out with all of you, plus it makes things awkward when there are events where you all have to see each other. Try your best to get along with them, and show him that you don’t have a problem when he sees them, and you can handle it when you all hang out together.

Talking about your ex: Talking about your ex is pretty much guaranteed to pull him right out of that lovey-dovey mood, and if you do it enough, it might make him want to pull himself out of the relationship altogether. If you’re talking about your ex all the time, it suggests that you’re still thinking about them all the time and this could mean that you still have feelings for them. This could make your current boyfriend feel jealous or even betrayed.

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