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If Elon musk bought Twitter how would it be different?

Billionaire Elon Musk is near clinching a deal to buy for micro-blogging website Twitter. The Tesla founder is already Twitter’s largest shareholder (with a 9.1% stake) and has been very vocal about what he would not like about the platform.

In a chain of tweets and polls over the years, Mr. Musk has requested his 83 million fans approximately adjustments in the manner Twitter functions. These posts additionally deliver a glimpse into the thoughts of the world’s richest guy who desires to change the way we use Twitter.

While we might not recognize his particular intentions just yet, Musk has been no stranger to voicing his mind on the way to changing Twitter. Here are a few adjustments we assume Musk to make if he succeeds in buying the organization, based on his beyond tweets.

Musk has, again and again, cited Twitter as “the de aspect public city square” of the contemporary-day era — the digital equivalent of a public forum.

To that end, he is been essential to Twitter’s choice to completely ban former President Donald Trump from the site, following the rebellion on the US Capitol construction on January 6, 2021.

Another factor Musk has raised in the beyond includes Twitter’s function in shaping society. He polled his fans the remaining month on whether or not they assume Twitter’s set of rules have to be “open source” — a period for software program this is dispensed freely and capable of being manipulated brazenly with the aid of using many ones of kind contributors.

It might also additionally sound technical; however, the concept is tied to his emotions on free speech.

Some of Musk’s predicted proposals talk more about his non-public use of Twitter than something else. For example, he is formerly said he desires to get rid of “crypto junk mail bots” — junk mail bills selling what seems like crypto-based scams, which frequently use Musk’s Twitter likeness.

Musk has known the junk mail hassle on Twitter as the “single most disturbing hassle” with the use of the carrier. He’s even publicly pleaded with Twitter to do something positive about the difficulty.

In an April 14 interview, Musk stated this difficulty because the first aspect he could change was Twitter’s new owner. Musk is in desire of the edit button that Twitter customers had been asking for years.

He’s supported the long-strolling desire that Twitter will a few days upload an edit characteristic to its carrier so that customers are capable of fixing, at the very least, fundamental spelling mistakes or improper hyperlinks without delay after posting. His eighty million-plus fans overwhelmingly supported including the characteristic in a ballot he ran the remaining month.

Social media customers have complained that algorithms manage their lives, engaging them to spend greater time on Twitter, Facebook, and different platforms. Some Twitter customers favor seeing tweets in chronological order. In March, Twitter rolled again a change that might display the algorithmic feed with the aid of using default after consumer complaints.

Musk has recommended Twitter ought to make the set of rules open-supply. Musk did not specify what that might entail; however, an open-source software program is free to be had and may be altered. He posed the concept in a March 24 ballot. About 83% of one million respondents stated yes.

Musk thinks Twitter customers have to be capable of seeing if their submission has been demoted or promoted so that there’s no behind-the-scenes manipulation. He even recommended posting the code on Github so that humans can search for mistakes and advocate adjustments.

Also, Twitter customers have lengthy requests for a manner to edit their tweets for typos and different problems; however, the enormously asked function hasn’t been at the pinnacle of the organization’s priorities. Twitter did consist of a manner to undo tweets as a part of its Twitter Blue $3-a-month subscription plan.

Musk hasn’t supplied his personal view of whether or not he thinks an edit button is needed. The organization stated it’ll begin checking out the device to research what works and is possible. Twitter has expressed worries earlier than that an editing device ought to cause trouble including humans sharing tweets which are then altered to change their meaning.

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