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Our Planet is becoming less Habitable

For how many times have you heard how our planet is dying and becoming less habitable? Have you heard how we are running out of the clean water, food, broom, clean air, fossil fuels or you name it? The truth is, we are not running out of the water, air, food, and fossils at all! You know that we have enough farms worldwide to feed ourselves, yet, the problem is how ‘they’ are turning food into biofuels for example. Yes, that is the real problem here…

xgffdgWe can actually live in a completely different way, but the Government doesn’t let us. We can do sky gardens, for example, make water from the air, take the battery, natural gas and other resources for cars, but that is not their plan. You know where this all comes from, it is a pure communist scare strategy. When you take a look at the United States, I mean really take a look at its statistics, you will realize how only 7% of it is actually populated. The same goes for China, only 37% is populated. When it comes to the whole world, only 30% of it is populated, and no, that is not because of the oceans and seas, but because of the Government’s strategy and plan.

The whole thing that is behind this plan is much bigger than people worldwide think. It is about a space program. The guy from Virgin Atlantic is building it. Have you heard of it? Probably not, maybe you have seen a video or a few photos, but nothing more. Who is actually behind it and what is its purpose? Is there maybe a human civilization living off-world with highly advanced technology and some remarkable knowledge about the whole existence of aliens? For what reason are they being kept in the dark? Think about it…

The Secret Space Program conference in Amsterdam shared their experiences with UFO sightings. Then, you are able to see their locals constantly talking about aliens and abduction. Where is this all going and what is really happening at all?

asdasWhy haven’t WE made a contact with aliens? Probably because we are so self-destructive, arrogant and selfish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to generalize, but definitely, the ones who rule this planet can be described only that way.

Most of the people don’t even think about this whole situation and they are literally led like sheep and puppets. How stupid someone can be to stay blind in front of this theory they serve us for so long by each and every day? I cannot even picture that in my head!

If we, as humanity, don’t stand together and fight back all this evil that surrounds us, and if we don’t open our eyes and stand for the truth and good, we won’t have a chance to live anymore very soon! GOD help us! Help this lost and corrupted society as soon as you can or we won’t be able to wake up tomorrow and see the sunrise ever again!

We are definitely in the middle of the cruelest war and people are not even aware of how they are in!

sfsdfWhy has everything become so wrong?

Can you imagine what would happen if people stand up for the truth?

How will this war end if they don’t?

Will we face apocalypse?

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