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The Rise of the Machines: A Global Race for Humanoid Robotics 

The world is witnessing a new frontier in technological advancement: the race to develop and produce functional humanoid robots. This burgeoning industry is attracting significant attention and investment, with nations vying for leadership in what some experts believe could be the 21st century's equivalent of the space race. Beyond Science Fiction: Humanoid robots, once confined…

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BlackRock– Company of the Month – August 2020

Company name: BlackRock Founder: Robert S. Kapito, Laurence D. Fink Year: 1988 Total Assets: US$159.573 billion Revenue: US$14.539 billion Net Income: US$4.484 billion Country:  USA Headquarter: New York City, New York, U.S. Industry: Investment Management Webpage: Number of employees: 16,200 With more than $3.7 billion in the property under management, BlackRock is one of the biggest—and highly respected—asset management companies in the world. Headquartered in…

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Roche Holding AG – Company of the Month – April 2020

Company name: Roche Holding AG Founder: Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche Year: 1896 Total Assets: CHF 78.517 billion Revenue: CHF 56.846 billion Net Income: CHF 10.865 billion Country: Switzerland Headquarter: Basel, Switzerland Industry: Pharmaceuticals Webpage: Number of employees: 94,442   Roche Holding AG is a holding organization, which manufactures, develops, and markets diagnostic and therapeutic products. The employer focuses on pharmaceutical products and services for the early detection,…

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Recovered Coronavirus Patients Have Tested Positive Again!

There are nearly 90,600 coronavirus cases globally. he coronavirus has been detected in around 60 countries. About 14% of patients who recovered from the novel coronavirus and were discharged from hospitals in southern China province were tested positive again in second check-ups. A positive test suggests the recovered patients may still carry the virus, adding complexity to…

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Volkswagen – Company of the Month – August 2019

Company name: Volkswagen Founder: German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF) Year: 28 May 1937 Total Assets: €458.156 billion Revenue: €235.849 billion Net Income: €13.920 billion Country: Germany Headquarter: Wolfsburg, Germany Industry:      Automotive Webpage: Number of employees: 302,554 (salaried staff)   The Volkswagen Group with its headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe.…

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