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China Mortgage Crisis. Should the world be worried?

The book of Revelation predicted this would happen 2000 years ago… Find out what was known will happen with our society a long time ago. This will probably make you think about it for a while.

We have an inflation crisis in the US and now a debt crisis in China. We are hit from every direction. Certainly an alarm bell to all the world economies. The world should seriously consider how we can limit this crisis just to China. In 2008, the global economy crashed.

How has China started a financial collapse? On Wednesday, protests in China were crushed by officials who are the protesters – people lost their life savings, deposit the citizen are going through a major crisis since early this year. People deposited money in the bank and cannot withdraw it anymore.  Chinese banks have a debt was 9.2 trillion dollars. The problem is blasted – this is a mortgage crisis. The mortgage revolt home buyers in more than 55 Chinese cities of defaulting on the desk and they are doing it willingly.

A communist country will NEVER be rich because the communist party steals everything. China has its own rules that aren’t seen anywhere in the world. I think the people are not happy and don’t leave free lives. If you don’t see someone protesting, that’s because they are used to such a lifestyle for literally hundreds of years. There’s no choice in China.

This begs the question of why were the cities developed – These leaders need to grow up and start considering what their citizens want. But no, that won’t happen, and I’ve explained why a bit earlier in this article. China mortgage boycott data is released by sensors 2 days ago. It is often an indication that there is a big problem. Documents related to the mortgage boycott show that they will not be paying their EMI anymore. China has tried to hide all of this data.

The media has published a report that has pictures of the needed data. More than 80 cities on this list alone have 46,000 + home buyers, which has suspended payments and there are also 13 projects, where 46,000 + these projects are in Central Southern, and Eastern China. The largest property developer in China now has the largest debts in the world. 35% of the projects face a revolt. Evergrande homebuyer has every right to be angry if they’re not getting their homes – why should they keep paying their EMI? There is a huge difference between the US subprime crisis and the Chinese housing crisis. Americans had their homes and were living in them but were not paying mortgages, whereas the Chinese did not get their homes even if they were still paying EMIs.

Sales plummeted in China by 72% in one year. 72% drop in Chinese Regulators are pressing the panic button. They told banks to come clean. China wants to know how big the Mortgage Debt pile is. There are plans to infuse cash into the economy. Reports say Beijing cod pump 1.1 trillion dollars – this money will go into infrastructure projects. It will lift the construction sector by extension lift the Chinese economy.

Is that the hope for Chinese regulators? They say they will help the property sector but there’s no plan yet. Housing projects are not going in a wanted direction. Bust borrowers are unable to repay debt and banks are fearing a collapse is very near. We’ve seen all of this before, haven’t we?

Actually, for those who remember, this is exactly what happened in the year 2008 the subprime mortgage crisis in America.

Bloomberg has compiled a report on the possibility of a Eurozone recession. The Eurozone is a group of countries that use the euro as their currency. They faced a recession. The probability was 20% immediately after the invasion it was 30% and now in July, it is 46%. There’s a 46% chance that Europe will slip into a recession and two reasons for that one is the energy crisis Russia the largest gas pipeline to the east. The point of this entire war isn’t about Ukraine. It’s about countries that live from war. Yes, it’s about crashing down Europe and making it poor. America and Russia always gain money from wars because that’s what they live from – from making and selling weapons.

Evergrande is $305 billion in debt and Chinese Railways is $900 billion in debt. China’s economy going down is not a good sign for the world economy and world peace because when a country faces this type of crisis or protest, they often go into conflict with other countries to divert the attention from the main issue. It’s clear that the entire world is in a mess.   

It’s a great reset. You will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy. Very soon this same situation will happen into 86 countries worldwide. The scenario for recession is quite clear – countries like China, Vietnam, India, the EU, and the USA will not take so many products and services. The answer is very simple – oil will go to lower prices as there will not be so much consumption.

“A wise man will accept the truth and correct himself to overcome the fall. He who speaks truth tells what is right, fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.”

Imagine how materialistic people will accept this great reset?

What do you think about the direction in which nowadays society is going?


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