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Restaurant fined $7,000 for throwing out the man who entered women’s bathroom

The restaurant which is located in the nation’s capital has finally agreed to pay $7,000 to a trans-identified activist after a lot of drama that has been happening worldwide because of one small unpleasant situation. You wouldn’t believe what people are talking about and what are they doing with their lives…

dsfvdfv Continue reading and find out more about this bizarre ”accident”! A trans-identified activist was confronted by the employees of the local restaurant because he used women’s bathroom. For that purpose, he said how his rights were violated. Restaurant and bar on 9th street in downtown Washington, D.C., has agreed to a settlement with the D.C. attorney general’s office after employees kicked Human Rights Campaign trans activist Charlotte Clymer (formerly known as Charles).

The trans activists, Charlotte Clymer, claimed how his rights were violated due to their D.C’s Human Rights Campaign which supports, as they claim, everyone’s rights. It all happened last June when this man used women’s bathroom. He claims to be followed by one of the restaurant’s employee. Once he came back from the restroom, they have asked him to show his identification to the manager of the Cuban restaurant and bar. Charles is also known as a former male feminist, and he works for one of the most prominent LGBT group in the whole country.

We don’t know if they have told Clymer to leave the restaurant after using women’s bathroom, but as he claimed, his human rights were abused in many ways. We all know how D.C. Human Right Act is definitely almost the oldest one when it comes to the law protecting all individuals in their nation. Of course, they are mostly oriented to identity (which we can realize by ourselves just by reading about this whole situation). It all went so far that the whole city argued about the restaurant’s policy. They have told how they discriminated people and violated their civil rights, although there hasn’t been any other accident than this with Charlotte Clymer. The restaurant must also pay the city a $7,000 fine and legal costs.

A District law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression in places of public accommodation. The city argued that the restaurant did not have a company policy that prevented discrimination in bathrooms and also failed to train its employees on civil rights compliance. Under the legal settlement with the attorney general’s office, Cuba Libre has agreed to “stop” discriminating against transgender residents. In other words, the restaurant has agreed to let trans-identified individuals use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. D.C. is doing everything to help the transgender community and protect their rights.

Do you really think that they have to be protected that much?

sadff Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against anyone. I just think that the whole story about this man was made so huge. There are definitely many other problems this country should worry about. Yes, everyone should have their rights. Yes, we are all the same. Also, in the nowadays time, people even have the right to ”choose their own gender”. But, the law is going too far by focusing on such things. There are countless other and bigger problems we should all worry about. This man got the apology. Their employees paid a fine. The restaurant also paid a fine. They have changed their policy with a purpose to respect all the law of D.C.’s policy.

Do you think that this all went too far with trans activists?

How would you explain this situation to your children?

How far can this actually go?

Is the Internet the one that has made people unite and create such huge protests over not so ‘big deals’ where their rights are actually not violated more than of the ”ordinary people”?

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