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Is Japan Ahead Of The Game Toward A Cashless Society?

Bitcoin just had its 10th anniversary. Is this actually some kind of propaganda? Or are Japanese really that foolish? Maybe this all is actually a false narrative… The news is not so good. The Japanese government has set its own sights on such a boosting growth in the mobile payment industry. It is obvious to everyone how they are creating some new opportunities for cryptocurrencies. Their Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has his own huge plan make more than 40% of the whole payments in the country’s industry cashless by to 2025! How does that sound to you?

adfddWill money completely change its form and value? Of course, the majority of Japanese people are against that idea claiming how they are not ready for such a change. Besides that, their people don’t even use the credit cards for payments. They are against every way of paying that is in any form cashless. It just cannot happen, I am not seeing it happening at all. Japanese people prefer coin and cash-based economy.

How will they make their people accept cryptocurrency? Probably by some wrong agenda like-”We no longer accept cash.” That is exactly when they will have a huge problem. But, will only Japan have such a problem? If they accept it, all the other governments will realize how it creates higher taxes and they will all steal even more money from poor people. How wrong is that? The whole secret behind this is actually stealing our freedom completely. If cashless society is coming, that means how the end of freedom is coming too.

Yes, you will have a Big Brother that will literally track all the moves you make in the real time. We all know why are they doing this. Cash can function without electricity, for example. But, what about their ”new methods of payments”? No, they cannot function that way at all. Actually, as smart people, we should all boycott every single business that does not accept cash in any form! We must stop this madness before it takes our freedom completely!

We cannot just sit and wait to see what will happen to Japan. What happens with them, may happen to us tomorrow… Think about that. Okay, let’s say that Japan has already decided to move to cryptocurrency completely. How will it look like, which coins will they use? It will probably be Cardano / ADA. It already even has a nickname in Japan, it is called Ethereum coin. This huge idea and a project have already taken South Korea.

There, Cardano debit cards are available and accepted in more than tens of thousands of their businesss! Have you now realized how that is really already happening? Malaysia is also on the same path. They want to become cashless, and yes, they are going down that road (still not totally, but is just a matter of time).

sdfsdffFor example, Bitcoin will definitely be just one of the several cryptocurrencies Japan will accept for Olympic Games. Besides Ethereum, Ripple and Dash will be the most likely accepted as well. When we take a look at the bank of America, we can see how it owns 41 Blockchain of the patent.

Do you wonder why?

It is definitely a huge process of buying blockchain technology.

How will our future look like if this all comes true?

Can you imagine money to disappear?

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