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How to make your own natural perfumes that smell wonderful and are unique?

Being unique today and creating your own and special style is definitely rare. Countless people worldwide just do what celebrities tell them to do, and follow some boring and already seen fashion and beauty tips.

Do you want to take better care of your health? Do you want people to recognize your unique and special smell?

If you didn’t know, perfumes can consist of numerous harmful chemicals, that can hurt your skin, respiratory system, and overall health status.

Here, I want to share with you some of my best tips for DIY perfumes you will simply adore.

sdfsdfsFirst things first – the base. You definitely need to choose a base for your new perfume first. Although many people still say that pure alcohol can be a good choice, I would rather go with something more gentle, like thin oil. The best choices are jojoba, almond, or coconut oil.

Add something special to your base… Signature notes? That’s right! Essential oils do the best job in this case. Herbs and spices can be another great alternative, although you cannot use them alone with the base. Just add some spice or herb you like as a special detail at the end.

Combinations. Here we are… Ready to create your new amazing perfume? Keep in mind that your base should be 2/3 of the overall perfume.

What should you combine to get the best result?

Here are some of my recommendations:

For a fresh and youthful smell that also suits warmer temperatures, go with lemon and orange essential oils.

If you want something stronger than leaves a special ‘mark’, the best would be to use eucalyptus, peppermint, or tea tree essential oil.

Sage essential oil is definitely the best choice for all romantic souls.

So, now that you probably got an idea of how to create your first DIY perfume, it’s time to see what you need for that.

The first thing, of course, would be some old perfume bottle, but you can use anything that suits you, yet, that’s the easiest way. Then we have that base oil, let’s say jojoba oil and essential one of your choice.

I would also recommend you to use one vitamin E capsule because it will take care of your skin. Just mix it with the new tincture. As said already, perfumes can be harsh for our skin and overall health, but this time we want to make them completely healthy and inspiring.

Anyways, don’t think of this all as of some rule. Be free to play with high-end notes, adding even more than just one scent, herbs, or spices. Cinnamon is amazing!

sfdffWith time, you will learn to create your own amazing collection of completely natural and healthy perfumes. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If you ask me about my favorites, I would definitely say citrus ones. Orange and lemon are the best combinations for every perfume. In that case, you will always feel fresh. Adding some extra cinnamon is definitely my favorite, especially with orange essential oil.

Besides that, did you know that different scents make us feel in a different manner? For example, citrus scents are the best ones for fighting depression. They are amazing for a better mood, energy boost, and creativity.

If you want something to calm yourself down, I would definitely recommend you a tea tree essential oil.

Do you love perfumes?

Are you willing to try and create your own?

Shouldn’t all people start using more natural and healthier cosmetics?

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