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How has pandemic shaped women’s shopping behavior?

The pandemic is here, you cannot question that… Yet, ladies all around the globe still think about beauty. They are, including me, finding different ways to take care of their looks no matter what.

And if you have been thinking about changes in the economy lately, know that everything has literally changed. We have all made our priorities now and act that way.

This is how pandemic has shaped women’s shopping behavior (and priorities):

Hand creams. Beautiful hands have always been at the top of priorities. Now, when we are all washing our hands’ dozens of times per day, and we are using hand sanitizers as well, our hands have become dry. Can you guess what’s now a best-selling item on the beauty market? Yes, that’s a hand cream!

Beautiful hair. Now when the salons are closed, ladies all around the globe are doing their hair beauty routines at home. The most wanted items are definitely hair dying related. Besides that, if you want a beautiful hairstyle, you must use some tools as well, right? Online markets have tons of work with women’s orders related to hair tools and hair dies.

sdfsdfNails. When we all thought fake gel nails are finally going to history, something surprised us. Ladies are ordering UV nail lamps online! Yes, you’ve read that right. It seems like how manicure salons won’t have so much work in the future because everyone has bought their ‘mini manicure salon’ already…

Lipsticks. Haven’t worn lipstick for a few weeks? You’re not the only one. We wear masks, right? So, lipstick purchases have dropped.

All those face masks and lotions… Face masks and body scrubs are also not so wanted these days. Women have decided to try some homemade masks and body scrubs and lotions because they finally have enough time to experiment. To be completely honest with you, I have been using those even before the pandemic. The best is definitely a banana face mask which literally removes fine lines. When it comes to creating your own ‘guilty-free’ body scrub, try with coconut oil and a little bit of sugar.

What about clothes? Online stores also don’t count selling as many clothes as before. But you know what? Pijamas and lingerie orders are higher than ever! It’s probably because we still want to feel and look pretty at our beloved homes, and why wouldn’t you surprise your partner with some new sexy outfit as well? We also have a lot of time for that now… At least, all of us who are in isolation.

Fashion. Nope, not that important. Ladies prefer simpler looks now because we all know how the virus can stay on our jewelry (for example) for a while. Besides that, when you come home, you must change your clothes if you want to stay safe, right? Simplicity is everything. Ladies these days don’t care much about fashion, they care about staying safe, and we are all happy to hear and see that!

sfvefvAs you can see it yourself, everything that happens in the world makes changes in every part of our lives, even the tinier ones…

When it comes to you, which changes you have made in your life realted to beauty and fashion?

Which products you must have in your beauty routine no matter what?

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