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Looking for love in all the wrong places…

People look for love in many different places, yet something that has caught my attention went too far. In a materialistic world nowadays where people went too far away from God and true love, everything became bizarre. Now, we have a situation of a man falling in love with a robot and wanting to marry her. How frightening is his mind? We are truly in the dumbest time period of society right now – you simply cannot doubt that!

Why would a healthy, normal man want to marry a robot or a doll? His mind is obviously highly disturbed. This insanity all began with the movie ‘Bicentennial Man’ starring Robin Williams. I knew at the moment that movie was predictive programming for us to accept humans having romantic/sexual relationships with robots. I wasn’t even awake then. I couldn’t imagine how far this would all go… I believed in people – I believed that they are smart enough never to think about such sick and bizarre things.

They knew back in the 1980s when they made The “Terminator” movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger what the future would be like – I am 100% sure…

The delusions and deceit in this world are going to soon rapidly come to an intense awakening, or utter chaos. Some will unfortunately never want to accept real truth, through their own selfish desires.

There’s a reason why many TV shows (even ones aimed at little children) have a character that falls in love with things like inanimate objects, animals, or “mythical creatures.” It’s to desensitize the masses into thinking this stuff is okay. Especially when the “aliens” show up most likely looking pretty on the outside…

There was an episode on the outer limits where there was only one human left alive. This guy’s girlfriend was a robot-like Emma I already mentioned. I wonder if Emma is in love with her human soul mate? They first represent us robots like slaves, so people can do with them anything they want – feeding their evil sides more and more. Violence, lust, and things I don’t even like to think of, but can be done by a human’s hand…

More and more men are buying these love dolls and calling them their girlfriends or wives. They’ve stopped interacting with real women altogether. Some of these men take their love dolls every place they go. They even take them to family dinners for holidays. The worst part of it is that those people mating with robots don’t even realize that robots don’t have a soul, which gives us an idea about their lack of awareness of their own souls…

These people are no worse than the metaverse! in my opinion, is a massive desensitizing push on the people who play it for when that time comes where the plot of our game becomes our reality that it will be difficult to tell the difference between a human and a humanoid robot. Humans will be more accepting of it even though it is blasphemy as it will just decrease the population as humans will prefer to date robots. One of my friends used to watch an anime when I was a kid called “Chobits”  about a dude who falls in love with a humanoid computer – and just look where it all went today… 

Why are people accepting sick and bizarre ideas?

Why are people choosing evil and sickness over God and real truth?


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