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Generation Z prefers casual relationships more than committed relationships. Why?

Yes, it’s true that relationship goals have changed a lot with new generations. Yet, we cannot say that it is a good or a bad thing because every generation does what works for them the best.

We’ve prepared a list that easily explains why generation Z prefers casual relationships over committed ones.

Here’s why:

1. Individualism. Major people from generation Z are individualists and don’t want to live for the group. Therefore, their goal in a relationship is to find someone that suits that and get a new experience. That way, they grow as individuals and learn more about themselves. Besides that, generation Z people also prefer spending time alone than constantly being with someone else. They enjoy their hobbies and plan their life in a way they like.

2. No strict future plans. So, that’s how we come to the second fact which explains that they don’t want to have some strict plans for the future. You know how that goes – get a degree, fall in love, get married, have kids, and then work for the family until the rest of your life. Generation Z prefers a more casual and open-minded lifestyle.

3. They don’t accept society’s rules. They also don’t care if society’s rules don’t go along with their own. For example, someone may say that they are not serious while choosing a partner, but do they even want to be? As said, they are individuals doing what suits them!

4. They are not afraid to do what they want. Following their own dreams and passions is what generation Z does best. A lot of older generations were afraid to stand out from the crowd, but not this one! They consider themselves completely free and nurture such a way of life. Therefore, they usually choose the same partners.

5. They are more open to trying new things. Meeting new people constantly is what they enjoy. Trying new things, traveling, hearing different stories – that is exactly what makes generation Z grow in so many ways!

6. Open minded generation. When you think of our past, you will easily come to the conclusion that people are sick and tired of living under someone else’s rules. It went like this – you have to work for your country, you have to work for your nation, you have to work for your family and kids and forget that you are alive. Generation Z doesn’t think that way, and they are definitely not easy to conquer. Maybe the frustration of all older generations have come to this point where people want to live their own lives as individuals and grow their own minds and souls.

Besides that, the good thing about generation Z is that they won’t judge anyone’s choices. They are simply truly open minded. Yes, everyone should do whatever works for them!

Every generation is different and special and we always have to think about all the circumstances that have made them be the way they are. Obviously, there have been dozens of things that have influenced generation Z, from our past, society, democracy, and their own ways of thinking.

Do you belong to generation Z, or are you just interested in why they choose casual relationships more than others?

How do you understand that?

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