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How to be more attractive to your partner?

Does it seem like your partner is not interested in you? You don’t get those texts you used to get asked how your day is going. You don’t remember the last time your partner seemed super turned on and wanted to have sex with you. Maybe he barely even says hello when he walks through the door.

You try to do special things, plan nice dinners and outings your partner will enjoy, perhaps buy your partner small gifts or do little special things for him around the house, hoping and waiting for him to come around and notice how great you are. And it doesn’t work. You just continue to be an invisible woman, hurt, and confused and wondering how to get your partner back.

adfdasfasfHere’s the rule: People can only love and enjoy you as much as you love and enjoy yourself.

Scroll down and try the following things and create life back into your relationship.

Find your passion: Go back thinking about what you enjoy and start engaging in your life from there. Enjoy whatever activity you love during your free time, which now includes the time he’s around. For example, if you used to enjoy listening to music around the house really and maybe even singing and dancing around, do it! If you use to get into an elaborate cooking project with a glass of wine, do that! Absolutely anything from reading t creating new hairstyles, if you enjoy it, Do it!

Get out of your house: Take a class like (dance, art, cooking, or anything that you would enjoy) make plans with friends, go to some events like talks, shows, movies, art opening, live music concert, or anything that you enjoy.

Dress to impress yourself: Wear things that you feel sexy wearing and spend a little extra time making yourself look sexy. Don’t be afraid to get your sexy on any time, even when you’re cleaning the house. He will sense this vibe. You’re more likely going to successfully get his attention if you’re feeling sexy inside, as opposed to trying to look sexy for him.

Consider a subtle makeover: There are several ways to start looking sexier but do it slowly and steadily, so the changes look subtle and not forced upon. Here a few tips to consider. Get yourself a new hairstyle. Change your wardrobe and get some hot looking collars that suit you. Streak your sir or get new hair colour, this can work wonders on your looks. Take up yoga, aerobics or any type of exercise you might be interested into tone-up your body.

sdfsdfsfdSpend quality time together: Ensure your attraction to one another by doing things together as a couple, so you stay bounded. Also though, do new things together. Be that couple who explore the world and are excited by life while they share it together. Learn together, work as a team together, enjoy each other’s minds and company, and your bodies will follow suit.

Spend time with family: If you’re tied to the home and don’t have a lot of freedom because you’re with your children, start engaging more deeply with them. There are a lot of fun things to do with your children both at home and in the community. When you start actively engaging with them and making it really fun, you’re not only going to be more fun to be around, and you’re developing invaluable neural and heart connection that helps lay down or solidify the foundation for healthy social and cognitive development. And hopefully, you’re developing a closer relationship with them that gives a good feeling. Your man should both appreciate and want to join in family time especially if it looks like fun.

Ask him to join you, but be ok on your own: Lastly, invite your partner to join your good times and don’t take it personally if he declines. Be persistent in enjoying yourself. If you find your life is changing for the better and you’re beginning to feel good about yourself, but your partner still acts like the walking dead around you, tell him how you feel. Tell him you miss him, and you miss the connection. It could be there’s something else going on for him, and it’s worth seeking the counsel of a couples therapist to get to the bottom of it.


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