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Hollywood secrets are being exposed! Famous-stars speak about their lives

I used to think being rich and famous was a talent and a blessing, but it turned out it’s a blood oath. Marilyn Monroe said it best: “Hollywood will pay you $50 for a kiss and $0.50 for your soul.”

When you just think about it for a moment, you will easily realize that the rich and famous are just the puppets of the wicked and powerful people in this world. They are truly actors, making us see this world as they want, and wanting us to believe that richness is the best thing anyone can achieve. Later on, they try to make us bad about our ”ordinary lives”. Younger people are especially ideal for their wicked mission because they truly dream about becoming famous and becoming ”someone”.

Of course, as you’ve probably already realized, their entire agenda is fake and full of hate. What truly matters is that you know yourself and live your own path, enjoying your OWN life. Loving yourself means to know yourself, to believe in yourself, accept yourself, and know what you are fighting for.

Do you believe that rich and famous people are constantly happy? Do you think that they have it all? Happiness is not a temporary feeling nor it is something you can buy. True happiness is finding inner peace within yourself no matter where you are. And that is what you should be striving for… Nothing can be compared to it.

zfddfOf course, it’s so easy to say money does not make me happy when you have tons of it. The truth is that those who have money may experience less everyday issues, like they don’t have to worry if they will be able to pay the doctor, for example. And then, there’s food, and transport, and schooling, and fun…

So, the point is that money gives you comfort! A place to stay and sleep tight and freedom! Over 80% of the world is fighting for all that. Enough money to make life easier is great, but when it becomes an obsession, that’s when its value disappears. When people start thinking that they can buy everything with money – no, you can’t. You can pay the doctor if you are ill, but you won’t be happy if you are chronically ill, for example.

”The more we have – the more we want”, and that’s actually the truth. Those who ”have it all’ are no more satisfied with the things they have. They can’t even enjoy the comfort of their lives because they are constantly striving FOR MORE.

You have probably experienced it by yourself. Let’s say that your salary has been raised. What happens next? You create new ideas on how and where to spend it, and your dreams raise, right? Money is wicked. You can’t have enough of it. It makes you want more and spend more, and in the end, it leaves you empty and sad. And why do you end up empty and sad? Because you realize that the box is empty. You thought that box contains happiness, and now when you’ve opened it, it’s empty.

Cardi B, Jay Z, Cameron Diaz, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Josh Radnor, Selina Gomez, and many more celebrities talked about lifestyle, money, fame, and success. They all believe that money makes them happy. 99% of people don’t get this idea until they experience it themself! And that’s how the human brain works, unfortunately, as explained above already.

Jim Carey said everyone should be wealthy for a month just to see what a fraud it all was. I agree totally. Some of these celebs have been MK-Ultra and are basically slaves working for Hollywood, so it’s understandable they aren’t happy. They are puppets made to push the agendas of the people and organizations that own them. What most of these celebrities are not telling you is what price they paid to get to the top. Working hard and doing what they were instructed to do is just a part of it.

They also had to do some very icky & yucky rituals, as well as wicked things to get to where they got. That’s why some of them can’t live with themselves. So, what do they do then? They become addicts of different sorts, trying to escape reality.

adfdAlso, a lot of them were sold out as children. Hollyweird and the music industry is a very strange place, and there’s a big price to pay. It’s made to look like a wonderful dream, but behind the curtains, it can be a nightmare.

But then again – would these celebrities swap their lives with someone poor then? I doubt it. It’s very stressful to always worry about paying bills on time. Maybe they should practice more gratitude. “It’s absolutely stupid to spend your time on something that you don’t like.” And you get it – Those are called jobs…

What we have realized here so far is that money can’t be your only goal in life. Yes, you need it to lead at least a normal life, but if you have a lot of it, you may become different (in a bad manner). Besides that, if the road to such success is dirty, you will also lose yourself and your connection with what only matters – God.

Love and be loved. Don’t compare yourself to others. Try and be satisfied and make the best of what you have. Learn to live and live to learn. Be kind.


“Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery.”  – Daniel Kahneman


“It’s very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore ( 1861 – 1941 )


Notorious B.I.G. said it best when he coined the phrase “mo’ money, mo’ problems.”


What do you think about Hollywood life?

What do behind the scenes look like?

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