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First date mistakes you’re probably making…yes, you!

We’re talking to you…Yes, you!


First dates are exciting because they open a world of possibilities. This person that you just met in the virtual world has the potential to be the love of your life. You want to present your best self to this person. You want to pick the best restaurant or bar, look great, smell great, and have engaging conversation. But you might be making a ton of mistakes on your road to discovering if they are ‘the one’ or even a ‘one.’


Many of the small things you may not realize you’re doing can be deal breakers to the other person and can scare them away from your potential lifetime of happiness. Before you go on your next date, make sure to avoid following first date mistakes you’re probably making.


Being fashionably late: Being late to date is always considered a big mistake. Nothing reads more like “sorry, I didn’t want to come” than showing up 15 or 20 minutes late to your plans. Delays happen, but always inform your date to let them know if it’s going to be a minute or more.

Checking your phone more often: Checking your phone while you’re on a date signals a clear disinterests. Put your phone away in your pocket or purse. If it’s an emergency and you must have it out, let your date know – although you really shouldn’t even be on a date if something that pressing is going on.


Getting Drunk: Getting drunk on a date is incredibly tacky. It’s one thing if you and your date agree to have a couple of drinks, but it’s next-level rude to get shwasted – especially if your date is not following suit. If you’re that thirsty, drink some water.


Going somewhere most expensive: While it may seem impressive to take your date somewhere fancy, you can totally ball on a budget. Many chain restaurants have excellent happy hours. There’s no need to take them to one of the most expensive restaurants in your city.


Not listening: If you find you’re just waiting for your turn to talk and not listening to what your date has to say, you should probably not be dating at all. That’s not how dating works.


Not making a reservation: If you do plan on taking your date out for dinner or drinks somewhere incredibly popular or fancy, you should definitely make a reservation. Without one, you and your date might be waiting a long time for a table. That might put you in an awkward situation.


Not offering to pay for yourself: It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to, you should at least offer to pay your portion of the bill.


Ordering smelly foods: Think twice before ordering that double garlic cheese bread or onion and anchovy pizza. People in close proximity to you might not appreciate the smell – especially when you’re learning in for a goodnight kiss.


Oversharing: It’s one thing to tell your date a little about yourself, but save the story about why your parents divorced and the fact that your cat suffers from IBS until at least more date.



Choosing too loud of a place: No one wants to have to shout “What?” every other sentence. Pick a spot where your date can actually hear you.


Discussing money: Although you might think you’re being impressive by talking about how much money you make, you’re actually coming off like a real jerk. Don’t talk about money on a very first date! If you’re trying to impress, consider discussing some decent topics.

Talking about your ex: It’s fine to mention a previous relationship, but talking too much about your ex can signal to your date that you’re not over or that there is some sort of unresolved history there. Either sort out your feelings or don’t go on the date!


Wearing too much perfume or cologne: Your date doesn’t need to smell you coming from a mile away. However, if you’ve eaten something particularly fragrant before your date – they might anyway. Avoid these 21 foods before a date. They’re making you smell bad.


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