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Why do we worship celebrities like a religious figure?

Lucifer Banished to the Earth Wants The People To Worship Him As God!

I see Illuminati symbols all throughout today’s Europe, America, Pop Culture, etc.  But now it’s being found all over Asia, even AFRICA, and other parts of the world as well. As it becomes more and more apparent that music artists today are being forced to sell their souls for fame and fortune, it seems music is no longer about making money and partying, rather about indoctrinating the masses into worshipping and accepting the mark of the beast.

I’m curious, how many of earth’s citizens know about this global occult initiation that has been happening for several decades. These are the most alarming times, and we are living in them without a choice…

The battle is imminent… If they are blatantly discussing occultism then exorcism is the remedy and only thru a valid priest that can practice exorcism.

The same people that are running Hollowood are running the music industry, the news, all of the T.V shows, and you name it… They own 95 percent of all sports as well. Sports today definitely aren’t an about fair game and playing around, but are pushing this evil worship. Revelations describe all of this in detail, however, it seems like how humanity has hardened their hearts.

asdaFor those who have the eyes to see – see almost a complete turn from what life used to be. We are heading very quickly Into The Last Days!

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20 KJV.

Those days are here… Does society realize what is happening in 2020? I recommend you stop watching ANYTHING HOLLYWOOD PUTS OUT AND TV as well! it’s easy to see how dangerous the influence of pop culture is really getting. All of us are guilty of listening to this music… Now, there are even websites which give you a step by step way to sell your soul…

This world will get much worse and we will see, unfortunately, even eviler. The seals are all open!! The mass media promotes the occult from all those so-called ‘Awards ceremonies’ related to movies, television, and music.

They are getting people ready for the Antichrist system, the rule of their Master Satan… The tribulation hour which will come to an abrupt end…

The Devil doesn’t come looking like the devil, I am sure you know that? He comes in a different shade, often bringing gifts and sweet treats of temptation that make you give up your SOUL beliefs. He takes in a manner much like taking an M&M from a bowl! It’s slow at first, and then he dumps the bowl… But by that time, you are so BLIND to even notice!

The world is encouraging young people to follow unhealthy idols. It seems like how you are in somewhat called ‘trend’ if you follow sick rules, deviate your personality and your soul, and get as far away from your human nature as you can.

People have started treating celebrities like they are somehow more important than everything else. They became obsessed with their lives. They don’t question what their idols say anymore. They follow them like blind puppets!

sddMore and more of them have lost their own critical thinking and became just a member of a large, sick mass.

I believe that young generations have, unfortunately, stopped caring about this all. What is your opinion?

How will our future look like when those same generations start leading our overall society?

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