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God Create Two Gender- Male And Female

When you think just for a moment how our society looks like in the nowadays world, and compare it to the past, you will realize how it all went wrong in some way little by little. At first, people didn’t realize the consequences ”a new order” will bring to them/us. Nevertheless, here we are, confused, with ruined families, with so little values and you name it…

sdfsdWhat am I actually talking about here? I am talking about men and women. Are we somehow different? Yes, we are. That doesn’t mean how one gender is more valuable than the other, but we definitely have different roles.

God ordained men to be the leaders, protectors, and providers of their homes. But, it seems like how more and more women are definitely trying everything in their power to seek after those positions for themselves. We all know how the entire family can easily suffer without God’s divine order in every home. Men are more and more dealing with different kind of psychological consequences because they cannot fulfill their roles as they should any longer. Nowadays, a woman takes the reins of leadership.

How could that change our society? Have you ever thought about it? Maybe you haven’t, but you have definitely realized the increased homosexuality in our world. Yet, that is not all. There are many other consequences because of the lost role, like rampant promiscuity and a host of many other ailments which are constantly plaguing men nowadays.

For how long will these evil consequences continue to spread? You can think about it as a vicious cycle. It won’t stop until the man takes his rightful place in his beloved home.

Are there some enemy’s plot against man? Many people don’t even think about such hidden actions. Yet, some definitely exist. Abiding in God’s creation of roles is the only way to overcome the “Ahab” epidemic of our time. Do you see that clearly?

When a baby is born, barely anyone talks about fathers anymore. Everyone thinks of a father just of some man which lives with them and earn money. Well, not everyone acts like that, but you must admit how there are more and more people who consider such a situation completely normal.

Why is a father so important? Because the mother is there to raise children and provide them safety, while the father will be their role model most of the times. How can a father be a role model if we live in a world of extreme feminism? We are literally so sick and tired of it!

The truth is how so many guys don’t even have any manly values anymore. Society is the one who crushed them completely. We must not stay blind to such a situation. It will just become worse and worse… Or can it be changed?

If we want to have a strong society everyone is talking about, then we definitely need strong men to lead it.

asdasYou can easily realize how wrong this all is. Just think for a moment about transgender people. They are angry because people cannot ”accept who they are”, yet, they weren’t able to accept who they were in the first place! Everyone is constantly trying to get as much attention as it is possible, but people forget to think about the right things and right values. And those do exist, but it seems like how society, media, and all those ”rights” everyone wants are drowning us completely.

What do you think about nowadays ”men and women situation” in the world?

In your opinion, who’s plan was to make our society functions this way?

It seems like a devil’s work…

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