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IRS officially recognizes the Satanic temple as a Church!

Bad news for humanity and good news for the people who worship Satan & Satanic deities. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has formally recognized the Satanic temple as a church. And what’s more? Well, the satanic temple has officially granted tax example status. So, another door opened for the antichrist. It seems like Satan is in full drive right now because he knows his time is short, so he is ramping up his Satanic ways.

We are not surprised by the IRS act. The IRS is a private Corporation owned by the Rothschild, and It has always been evil and satanic. They rob Americans hard earned dollars every year. Scientology has also been classified as a church, so they don’t need to pay taxes, and they go hand in hand with the Satan club. America is coming out of the closet. It’s just out in the open now. Satan no longer feels the need to conceal this work. Now it’s no joke, and it is end time prophecy! Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. The world is complete upside down. The normalization of Satanism is slow yet absolute in our society, as prophesied. That is what the secret order, which we don’t even acknowledge is working hard toward. The ignorance of the people worries is a big subject of a concern than any evil.

irsAs usual, mainstream media won’t tell you the truth and in fact, likes to confuse the issue with the express to confuse the population using “equality” and “tolerance” as the cornerstone for their deceit.

But we will talk about the truth.

If they don’t worship Satan then why would they call themselves the Church of Satan? So if it’s not a religion then how does the exempt status work exactly? This is proof that everything that they stand for is a lie because they go around and tell everybody that they’re not a religious group because what they stand for is people’s right. The Masons say they are not religious. They all are under a foundation and have 501(c) 3 tax exempt status. Technically if they are religious, you can’t expect them to not fight for a tax exemption status. On the other hand, no real Christian fellowship should have a 501(c) 3 exemption.

The Baphomet is the very manifestation of confusion and those who worship it, whether or not they understand that what they are doing, have signed away their ability to think for themselves critically. God expects his people not only to disagree with Baphomet worship along with any idolatry but to consider it a crime worthy of punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

Do you know about the Satanic Bible?

The Satanic Bible is divided into four books, namely, “The Book of Lucifer,” “The Book of Satan,” “The Book of Belial,” and finally “The Book of Leviathan.” It is generally believed that LaVey obtained this hierarchy from “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage,” in which the above four demons are said to be the chiefs of hell. Each book addresses a different principle of Satanism and serves a unique purpose within the book as a whole. The Satanic bible builds upon the traditional secular humanistic philosophy that each individual can be his or her own “god.” This leads to the arrogant and self-centred worldview that man on his own can determine truth.

According to the Bible, Rebellion is witchcraft. Through the satanic philosophy, they are ultimately worshiping the self and giving into the “animalistic nature,” or what we call the sin nature. They are hedonists and heathens, and they serve themselves, so ultimately in their philosophy, one could say, “I am a god.” They have the philosophy of “I do what I want, when I want, even at the expense of others, even if it hurts others.”

Remove God from the question, and you remove God’s protection. Whenever God’s children turn their back on goodness, another god quickly comes to fill the void. The god of the Bible is very clear on this matter – NO OTHER GOD and NO IDOL WORSHIP. Check out the Link-

Ever wonder why everyone hates Christian, but all religion still bow down to the Pope? Wake up, people! They’re all Jesuits and Satanists from the same cloth.

It’s confusing why anyone would think the enemy would have equal rights. The very foundation of the American system is “In God We Trust.” The Canadian system also recognizes God as the foundation. How can the enemy of God be given equal rights?

adfafWe need to get straight in mind that Satanic temple isn’t a CHURCH. It’s a cult. And what next? Maybe satanic private schools will be opened and exempt, and school choice will include Satanic school. Yes! Our tax money will pay for their private schooling in grants and scholarships. Maybe rituals and sacrifice will become legal. That’s next!

Are we ready for that? No, never!

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