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11 Silly Ways You’re Losing Money Without Knowing

Have you caught yourself throwing away money on unnecessary things? Are you able to name some of them? What about all those fees, missed opportunities and charges? We realized how too many people worldwide spend a lot of their money which they don’t even know where it is going. If you don’t want to waste your money anymore, continue reading because we have made a list of things which makes you broke!

Bank fees. There is literally nothing more annoying than paying to use your own money. Personally, this one is definitely the worst. If you didn’t know, besides ”regular” $3.50 fee, some accounts carry up to even more than 40 different fees, including overdraft of $34 and maintenance fees of $5.65! Per year, that will cost you an incredible $798. How to avoid fees? By adopting better banking habits and shopping around. Also, be sure to check which bank account really suits you. No, one is not good for all!

ASDADFAll those unused gift cards… Be honest with yourself-how many of these cards do you actually have unused? Experts claim how more than $44.9 billion worth of cards are literally collecting dust. If you think about how you won’t sell it for a good price, think again. They just collect dust and nothing else! If you sell them, you will at least get some money for yourself.

Airline surcharges. Almost everyone knows how travel fees are complete money wasters. For example, Delta and United charge $25 for telephone bookings. In America, that will cost you even more. Why wouldn’t you just use your phone instead?

What else can you do? Let’s say that the day of your flight rolls around. Be prepared. This is especially important if you’re flying a discount carrier, like Spirit, which is infamous for tacking on fees for everything from seat assignments to checking in. Also, be sure that you pack up smartly. No, you don’t need that huge backpack. Overweight luggage can cost you from $20 to $200 on domestic flights.

Underutilized subscription. If you don’t use any of the subscriptions you have-just quit them. As simple as that!

Overage charges. Would you believe that more than a quarter of AT&T customers and 16% of Verizon users reported paying overage charges in the first half of 2015-2017? The truth is how fees vary, yet you can end up with paying from $7 to $10 for every gig you exceed your monthly allotment. What should you do? The best advice would definitely be to find a package that really matches your needs. While you’ll pay more upfront, it is sure to be less than what you pay in penalties. Otherwise, scale back by utilizing your WiFi settings and configuring your phone so every app doesn’t drain your data.

401 (k) Match. Let’s say that your employer gives a 401(k) plan and offers a match. You haven’t signed up for it? Not only you are saying “no thanks to free cash”, but you’re also delaying the compound returns you could be earning from the market. So, say yes to 401 (k) Match.

Poor quality. People tend to buy things of the poor quality thinking of how they will save money that way because they are cheaper. The truth is, such products don’t last long and you will soon end up with buying a new pair of-you name it.

All those services you don’t need… Many of us tend to spend a lot of money on the services we don’t really need. Why we don’t need them? Because we can do that on our own. Examples-pedicure, fancy restaurants, house cleaning etc. Yes, we know how this may bring you some pleasure, yet, at least sometimes, you can do it yourself, right?

Sale! Okay, everyone knows the truth about sales, but it is a must to repeat this rule once again-no, you don’t need that thing you are buying just because it’s on sale! Be sure that you really buy the things you need in sales.

sADAFood. Many of us waste a lot of food just because we buy it ”with our eyes” and not with our needs (and throw it away later because we didn’t have enough time to eat it). The best tip to change this-never go shopping hungry!

Using your card 24/7. If you never pay in cash, you are in a problem. Why? Because when you pay by your credit card, you don’t actually have a feeling of how much you are spending (especially on some special occasions). Be sure that you use your credit card in a smart way (remember our first fact).

Overall, it seems like how there are many situations in which people spend money when they don’t have to. We hope how that will change, at least, among our readers!

Do you know some more situations in which people spend money when not needed?

Have you recognized your problem in some of these facts?

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