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Glamorous Looks for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women definitely look stunning. When you just think about how beautiful your skin becomes, it’s literally radiant and shining! But that’s not the only reason why pregnant women look special. Carrying a precious life inside yourself, that’s a true miracle.

In this article, we will share some useful tips and advice on how to get glamorous looks in pregnancy whenever needed.

1. Hair and nails. Use pregnancy to proudly show your strong and voluminous hair! When pregnant, our hair becomes stronger, it grows faster, and it gets that huge volume. Create different hairstyles that will transform your entire looks! Twisted hair is always a great idea, but don’t forget about shiny hair accessories that will put more luxury into your looks.

Nails get stronger too, and they finally start growing faster. Make them even prettier with the proper nail polish colors. We highly recommend natural and delicate colors, like soft pinks, beige, and white. You can draw some special details on your nails for better effect.

Bonus tip – Don’t wear too much makeup when pregnant because that will hide your natural beauty. Take advantage of this period of your life where you already look glamorous and glowy! A little bit of mascara and transparent lipgloss are just enough. Make everyone wonder how you can look that gorgeous in a natural manner.

2. If you buy clothes, it must be able to grow with you. Don’t wear rigid clothes because that will not only look unnatural on you, but it’s also not healthy. Buying new clothes in pregnancy may sound like a challenging task, but not if you buy such clothes that are capable of growing together with your body (baby). Elastic dresses are a perfect choice! Choose some interesting colors that will make your skin pop out.

3. Forget about high heels. Yes, you can look glamorous without high heels, even on some special events. Forget about high heels in pregnancy, because they are not only unhealthy, but your feet will definitely hurt a lot more than usual after wearing them. What shoes to choose instead? Use this new trend where you are capable of wearing sneakers with literally anything. The sneakers don’t need to be completely sportish, but they can be elegant and fashionable. 

4. Accessories. We have already mentioned accessories for your hair, which are definitely highly desirable. When it comes to other accessories, the less is always more. Wear just practical accessories like scarves or interesting small bags. Don’t wear big bags because you shouldn’t carry a lot of weight when pregnant. Besides that, you’ll have plenty of time to carry that big bag or backpack, so opt for small and cute ones for now. Mint green or yellow would be a perfect choice!

5. Keep your style. Just because you are becoming a mother, that doesn’t mean how you should forget about all the clothes you love. Yes, you’ll want to dress more casually with a purpose to feel comfortable, but have your own seal. A ring that represents your personality or a hobby, or maybe even a badge that shows off your personal attitude sounds perfect to us!

Overall, it’s not hard. You just have to take the best of it! And, of course, stay true to your own preferences.

How do you dress when pregnant?

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