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Rules for raising successful kids – parents still aren’t doing

The reality we face is an unpredictable world. Yes, it was always a bit scary when you’re trying to raise a child correctly, but these days everything is put on a whole new level. Challenges are all around, and society is toxic and poisoned.

What you must do is be open with your children about sad or scary things happening in the world. You need to create a strong bond and connection so your children won’t hide anything from you. Chances are, they’re going to learn those things anyway whether on social media, TV, or from friends. Be their best friend, a safe place they can come to whenever they’re facing some issues or in doubt.

You can also actively inject optimism into your kids’ outlooks. That could mean going around the dinner table to discuss positive things happening in your daily life or making a point of sharing good news from around the world. This way, you’ll inspire positive changes within them but also empower empathy.

Practicing optimism doesn’t mean being unrealistic or blind to the world’s many real problems. It means having faith in themselves, learning how to be strong, and overcoming various boundaries they’re facing.

Turning off the news isn’t about living in denial. Instead, it’s about recognizing when a behavior boosts your anxiety, and not over-indulging in it. Especially be aware of so-called dom scrolling.

If you want to raise successful children, start showing optimism on a regular basis. One of the reasons why we’re seeing such a huge mental health crisis in our children. Children today feel left alone by their parents. They are not connected. It’s like they’re on their own, running around and learning from life in the wrong ways.

Pessimism can be difficult to avoid in today’s world, where people are “just getting bombarded with bad news” every day. As we’ve already said, pay attention to doom-scrolling. But when parents get stuck constantly worrying about negative news, their kids tend to exhibit more anxiety and stress. When it comes to raising children, your attitude as a parent is contagious.

A little over 80% of Americans aren’t confident that life for their kid’s generation will be better than it has been for them, according to a few surveys from the University of Chicago. Start by examining your own habits. Turn off the television when you find yourself stuck in a negative news spiral. Pedagogy knows that children are mostly learning by model. Therefore, it’s not just what you tell them, but it’s about who you are, what are you doing, and how you’re reacting and behaving. That’s what they’ll learn from.

Try repeating positive affirmations on days when the stress of the world is getting you down, a tactic that psychologists say can help reduce stress and boost self-esteem.  Even if you make an effort not to voice your concerns to your kids, your anxiety can rub off on them nonetheless. Your children need to have faith in themselves, so one day when you’re gone, you can be safe that they know how to battle all the difficulties that can appear in life.

If you do everything we said so far, your children will start viewing challenges as obstacles to overcome, rather than excuses to turn around and go home. Our beliefs and attitudes spill over to our kids. It’s no secret, many educational psychologists and parenting experts say it.

“If pessimism always builds and becomes personal, permanent, or pervasive, it robs our kids of hope.” And when they don’t have hope, they’ll give up fighting for a better world, and overall – society. Don’t steal their strength, hopes, and dreams. Yes, there is always a chance for a better tomorrow – and we are the ones, together with our children, who are creating it.

Do you like the idea of a positive upbringing?

What is the main thing every parent must focus on while trying to raise their children correctly?

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