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Get Ready to Welcome 5G – A Depopulation Tool!

What was wrong with 4G?

Who cares about 5G?

Two words explain the difference between our current wireless network and 5G: speed and latency. 5G is expected to be up to a hundred times faster. A two-hour movie could be downloaded literally in less than four seconds. Amazing!! Isn’t it? If we believe the hype, this will lead to the whole new Internet of Things, where everything from dog collars to sports shoes will be connected. This 5G network, we are talking about will usher in a fourth industrial revolution.

This sounds so amazing. So what is the problem with this network or new technology?

5G requires many more cell towers than we have today. Our exposure to this already dangerous radiation is going to increase exponentially and pose an even greater challenge to our health. According to a report, from 200,000 cell phone towers around the U.S. (4G LTE technology), the number of cell phone towers is going to increase to millions of towers, as 5G requires a much denser network. Not only will it require millions of new cell phone towers, but also thousands of satellites to provide coverage to the rural areas on earth.

asdwfElectric pollution is killing us.

We live in an increasingly irradiated environment with all the smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi networks, and cell towers and their microwave transmissions. People, especially teenagers and young people, are increasingly dying of brain cancer because of the increased exposure to radiation. This electromagnetic radiation doesn’t just bounce off our bodies or everything in the environment. If it permeates through stone and cement, these waves are surely absorbed in our bodies.

Just imagine what happens to our bodies when we fill every space we occupy, whether it’s our homes, cars, or the offices where we work in with Wi-Fi. Preliminary research has already revealed 5G is NOT healthy for humans, especially the nervous system, and particularly toxic to children.

5G is bad for our health, but no one seems to care. 5G will emit ten times more radiation as it will use frequencies, which are “ten times higher than those used by current network technologies.

Right now, you are sitting in a wave of electromagnetic frequencies. The low-level radiation frequencies that you are currently enmeshed in are slowly killing you. The reason humanity will willingly go along with their plan of reducing the population to 500,000 total humans is quite simple. The rulers have thoroughly ruined life on this planet. They tear apart and destroy every good thing that humans produce, and they replace it with garbage.

The fear of cyberattacks

A totally connected world will also be susceptible to cyberattacks. The future of wireless technology holds the promise of total connectivity. But it will also be especially susceptible to cyberattacks and surveillance. Ransomware, malware, crypto-jacking, identity theft, and data breaches have become so common. Currently, more Americans are afraid of cybercrime than they are of becoming a victim of violent crime. Adding more devices to the online universe is destined to create more opportunities for disruption. The fear of cyberattacks is a completely different threat that we’ve never experienced before.

The connection between 5G and Agenda 21

5G is part of the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which is a depopulation plan aimed to depopulate 95% of the world and carried out for decades worldwide. The weaponized 5G frequency will start killing people with microwaves. This is a great way to reduce the surface population. Who needs food when you have the latest technology? It looks like gadgets are more important than health these days.

China is running ahead!

China is set to make 5G networks available to the masses earlier than expected, giving the country a significant upper hand in the “race” against the U.S. for a 5G future. The official announced that China’s three major telecom providers would roll out commercial 5G services, ahead of plan. The initial launch will make the ground-breaking mobile Internet service available in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. China aims to bring 5G to over 50 cities by the end of the year. Yet even before this, China’s 5G commercial launch will immediately put China in contention for the world’s largest 5G network. The news has meant a significant boost for Chinese Telecom firms such as Huawei, which already has contracts across the globe.

asdwf5G is the end of liberty!

Look up data collection and smart cities. This 5g will help propel facial recognition technology and lots of other things. Oh, 5G would complete the autonomous vehicles. The most common job is Truck driving in 29 American states will be gone. 5G is not to give consumers faster mobile internet. That’s just a con to scam ordinary people. 5G is to CONTROL EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE FROM ONE CENTRAL POINT. If they don’t like you, it’s game over. That’s entirely against liberty and personal freedom. Additionally, 5G doesn’t even make sense financially as the only “extra benefits” are particular to surveillance, and who wants to live in a surveillance world.

Why has Israel BANNED 5G? Because they know it’s dangerous.

Why are people so excited about a technology that can possibly kill you?

Are we ready to surround electronic prison?

Do we still want 5G?

It’s time to talk people!

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