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9 things you never knew about kissing

Someone told you that you are a great kisser, so you think you actually know everything about kissing? This article you are about to read will definitely make you reassess your beliefs! Luckily, you’ll get surprised in a very positive manner.

Everyone who thought that they already know everything about kissing was truly surprised by these facts:

1. It all started in the womb… Would you believe it if I tell you that you have practiced your kissing stance in the womb? And although this may sound surprising to many, it’s actually natural. Approximately, 2/3 of people tilt their heads to the right when they are kissing. Science tells us that this is what we practice in the womb. Fetuses tilt their heads to the right, whatever they are doing. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. What will happen to your relationship… May actually be determined by the way you two kiss! Yes, kissing is an important part of every relationship. Numerous people worldwide find kissing even more intimate than sex. Science tells us that people who are very good at kissing tend to have better and longer-lasting relationships.

3. Those precious hormones. When you kiss someone, your body produces oxytocin and endorphins, hormones that are related to happiness and satisfaction.

4. Your lips are made of tons of nerves. For example, the clitoris has 8000 nerves and it is super sensitive, yet your lips have about 10 000 nerve ends. No wonder kissing gives you a special feeling.

5. The truth about “open mouth” kissing. Men usually do this, but science can also explain it. It says that men who practice open-mouth kissing actually share testosterone with their partners.

6. What about microbes? Yes, with kissing, we also share some dirtier things besides romance. Approximately, you can share more than 80 million microbes when you kiss someone.

7. Immune system. The good news about the previous fact is that your immune system will be boosted by all those microbes.

8. Diseases. Okay, now when we are completely fine with all those 80 million microbes, let’s see what’s truly serious about kissing. There is a danger – you can get herpes and mono if you are kissing someone who has these viruses active inside their body.

9. Kissing outside of Europe. Can you believe that many cultures and nations didn’t kiss and think about kissing in a manner we think of today until European people have introduced them to it? Sounds silly, yet that’s how our history was. Luckily, no one thinks anything weird about kissing today.

10. Wedding. Everyone knows that a broom and bride will kiss on their wedding day when the moment comes, but have you ever wondered why is that so? Tradition says that they are signing some sort of contract this way.

11. All those muscles… When you kiss someone, and especially when you perform a “French kiss”, your body actually uses 34 muscles to achieve that.

A bonus fact would be that kissing can actually make you burn calories! Believe it or not, kissing burns 5 calories per second. Not bad when you think that you have actually wanted to do it and that you always enjoy it, right?

Are you surprised about these facts related to kissing?

Do you know some other interesting information related to kissing?


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