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America – a country that has become the surveillance state

The illegal watch list is here. Have you maybe checked are you on it? The downside to mass US government surveillance is here even for citizens who claim that they have nothing to hide.

Don’t think that this is all about your safety and well-being. This is about the government controlling everything they want. If they want to accuse you of something in the future, they will, despite the fact that you may actually be innocent. It’s no secret that fighting back in such a situation is hard as you will grant yourself a death sentence. 

Personally, I have fought for years about everything that constantly ruins our lives and takes away our freedom. I’ve always been fighting back and I’m not giving up nor will I ever. These bastards can’t come to me and make me flip to their side of evil because I’m smart enough to realize what is really happening behind the curtains of entertainment and so-proclaimed safety.

They’re just doing it slowly. You know how it’s said – it’s like cooking a frog. First, you put a frog in cold water. The frog can swim and sees no issues. The temperature is slowly increasing, and by the time the frog realizes it, it is already cooked.

Our demise has already begun whether you’re an outspoken person or not because, at the end of the got damn day, you’re still targeted. You never know when and for what will they decide to target you.  Don’t think that just because you’re quiet and not outspoken, you’ll get a pass so speak up and speak out!

We need our voices to resonate with Congress on The Weaponization Of The Federal Government. Many think it’s a battle with humans cannot win, but it’s not true – they are behind us. They just want you to think that you have already lost. Don’t let them do that.

Have any American citizens ever suspected that they were being watched by the NSA? Is NSA surveillance a good or bad thing for American citizens? There are endless reports year after year of “targeted individuals” not only being watched by the NSA as subjects of domestic surveillance operations but also enduring 24/7 terror-like criminal activity directed in the ongoing NSA, FBI, CIA, and DHS Cointelpro operations.

The targeting of Americans in these operations which are run in secrecy has been exposed as we find Catholics, the parents of schoolchildren who speak out against the curriculum targeted by these agencies. Though the weaponization of the government Senate Committee is investigating and exposing these crimes, little to no action has been taken to curtail these illegal operations carried out by what has been proven to be a criminal syndicate operating within our own government.

What is your personal opinion about this particular situation?

Have you realized that they are taking over our lives little by little?

Is full control becoming more and more powerful with each day that passes?

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