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There’s no doubt that America is experiencing an invasion of demons. Everywhere I look, they are representing something poisonous.

What is a better way to attack humanity, than to corrupt our children? Many faith leaders sound an alarm on FXX Network which is owned by Disney language. Remember when it was the beginning of the new Millennium everyone talked about Disney being wicked and full of controversial messages? Yet, no one believed. If that’s not obvious now I don’t know what can be a clear sign for people to believe.

At one moment, you can hear Lara saying: I love that we are normalizing paganism.” Laura is a pagan and she’s a witch – relationship I think deep down inside she loves Satan and it’s a love story. Some say, but it’s cute, children don’t look at it that way. I mean, come on? I wonder how many children were exposed to it and how many millions more will tune in to the new series owned and marketed of times.

Several leaders warned that parents should be vigilant to guard the minds of their children during the end times. The Bible says that wickedness and evil will run rampant all over the world. We can already see our world being consumed by liberal love, increased sexual immorality, and other advice that comes from literally everywhere. We are surrounded by these messages.

We must understand that Satan hates us because we are created in the image of the almighty creator. Satan wants not only to be like the creator but also wants to exalt himself above the creator. Satan is busy deceiving Mankind and Mankind is falling for his deceptions…

The World as you know it is sinking fast. It shouldn’t amaze us that they’re putting such shows on about Satan and Lucifer. Actually, that reminded me of this old 1992 movie called Stay Tuned with John Ritter and Pam Dawber where he had to go against Satan to save his own soul and his wife, but they were sucked into a hellish television set (Satanic TV programs).

He won his soul back and his wife’s. Anyway, these crazy and evil shows could happen even now. It’s not Unbelievable that Disney would have such an evil theme. 

Making it a comedy and normal is so very dangerous to our children because they don’t understand the message that is behind it. That message is being implemented in their brains and souls. It took me over 15 + years to rid myself of nightmares and the only one who could do it was the creator in a vision one of my friends had. She actually had an angel screaming out to demons to leave her alone already because she had suffered enough.

Any parent who allows their child to watch that “Little Demon” show needs to go to prison. Is there any greater child abuse than allowing your child to be seduced by satan? Wake up, people!     

It’s all about predictive programming, so we would all be comfortable with this when it arrives. I am sure that you have noticed that so far.

What is your opinion about movies of these sorts?

Do you also believe that everything is about predictive programming?

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