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Moxie the robot – allows your kid to have a robot companion in their homes

I cannot stop talking about how important is that people realize in which ways our society is going, especially for children and future generations. Parents definitely need to wake up as soon as possible, or it will be too late for mankind.

If you have a mobile phone you are already surveilled (or can be at will). Both by the government and corporations. I am sure that deep inside yourself you know about these facts, can’t you be aware? The more you COMPLY, the more they will take, plain and that’s how simple it can be explained! People are so Gullible! We live in a world where people bring Siri and Alexa into their HOMES. 

Concerns are inevitable, but obviously not too many think about them. What could be next? Microchips, no privacy, no security – total control, and you let them do it without worry. Think that you are living a free life and having fun? No, that’s just a mask for you to think about how things are. They are entertaining you while implementing their plans with no worry because people don’t stand against them.

A lot of things are going to be coming out of the woodwork and many are going to be blinded to them and not going to pay attention. All that’s being promoted is not good for anyone, especially your kids. Don’t poison your kids by accepting society’s nonsense. They just want to normalize what’s not natural from their early ages, so, later on, they don’t even know about normal life and anything else at least we and our generations witnessed.

This is a robot that now allows your kid to have a robot companion in their homes. So, the message is that your child doesn’t even need a friend or a dog – their love should be related to a programmed machine. Yes, a movie, but it’s also a reality.

Pasadena California  – Moxie the robot which now allows your kid to have a robot companion in their homes is absolute innovation parents are happy about and looking forward to. I am still shocked that they are not concerned about it at all.

We are like trees – we grow in the light and either in darkness, while they are freely replacing humans with robots. You know this is the end time. Why are children looking to robots for affirmations when they have a parent in the home that’s supposed to be a living example to them and give them affirmations?

This is like crossing the Rubicon river – once you cross it, there is no going back. Allowing this is like willingly giving up the rights that are there to protect you from those that use the government to have power over you. The “government” does not have greater rights than the individual. Period.

When a child has to be told they are special by a robot because their stupid parents are too busy, you can clearly say that things went too far – of course, in the wrong direction.

Have you heard about this robot?

Would you let your child have it in your house?

Do you think that society will try to normalize robots like Moxi?

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