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Even George Orwell couldn’t imagine this happening

1984 – Big brother is watching you. 2021 – Everything around you is here to record your actions! Soon, even our feelings will be recorded and manipulated…

I am pretty sure that you have read Orwell’s 1984 book, but have you heard about the 2084 book? It’s called The End Of The World, and it was written by Baulem Sansal. It definitely describes the future we are running to. Everyone who will try and want to think with their own head will face serious problems. One nation under one God?

Facebook and sunglasses brand Ray-Ban have partnered to create the next surveillance high-tech lifestyle product, giving you a brand new way to spy on people! Wow, what an idea? You are capable of taking photos that go way beyond a smartphone or smartwatch. Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses boasting almost identical features to that of any technological product, but these also protect your eyes from the Sun. It also allows you to film short video clips for up to 30 seconds as well. Someone will say:”Oh, that’s great! The technology is definitely becoming more and more advanced!”

They say it’s like wearing a Go-Pro camera on your head without the heavy load. So, what’s the problem, besides the obvious? The problem with this is that you have to give $300 for sunglasses. Ray-Ban Stories will allow you to listen to music as well and take phone calls whenever needed. The glasses come with a compact charging case, and when fully charged, you’ll have the glasses ready to go with the simple command: “Hey, Facebook!”

The bad about it (and everything else they are serving us on the plate) is most people don’t realize that we are in an invisible prison and technology is ruled by the prince of the power of the air.

How dumb can people be to welcome all this with joy? All they see is fun!

Another step towards transhumanism. Who wants to interact with a phone when you can interact with yourself? There is truly no end to the beast capitalizing on humanity’s vanity. We are in a different reality than the one that we started on. Our reality has changed, by force, on September 11, 2001. The good vibes of life disappeared on that day, and there is no comparison to the reality that we have lived in before then and the one we have lived in since then.

The current reality is anything but real. They are making you pay them for spying on you, just like Alexa. They are getting rid of privacy to make it easy for them to single out the divergent.

So, wearing these glasses with the face mask, you pretty much hide the entire face at this point. All we need now is the Smart Yamaka to complete the ensemble!

Can these Ray-Ban sunglasses become a useful tool in the pedo community? No one thinks about that, right? I can see pedos doing truly weird stuff with it. But all they see is selling, gaining money, and taking away your privacy, while many celebrate this as a new technological tool!

Creepy people all around will be snapping pics and recording kids without it being as obvious as a phone. Got that?

EYES everywhere, they’re always watching, like in the Lord Of The Rings movie. 

These glasses may even be letting out 5G NEXT TO OUR BRAIN, just by wearing them! But who cares, let’s just have fun!

Big corporations are constantly making things ”old”, so we have to replace everything and buy more. Of course, that’s how capitalism works. You work for them, and then you buy their products. And then they make you sick, and then you have to go to their doctor’s office to pay for treatment.  

Think of the Netflix series Black Mirror. They show that “new advanced” technology has been normalized so much to the point that the elites advertised a camera you can put in your eye that is constantly recording. We never have the burden of forgetting memories because we can just press rewind?

What do you think about new technological devices and tools?

Will they be used for bad purposes, like wars and taking our freedom away?

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