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Everything that surrounds you is owned by just a few men

As things are changing worldwide, it now definitely looks like George Orwell was right. The media is the perfect system to control the minds of people without using weapons. The smartest way to control the people is to control the news. Of course, the rule is always clear and simple – keep them in the dark!

People in power all around the globe literally possess anything you can think of, either it is a company or social media platform. Everything you use on a daily basis is coming right from them and it’s not only making your wallet slimmer but also controlling your entire mind and life.

Whatever your politics, this monopoly the few have on our world cannot be allowed to continue. Remember that there are no “Liberal” mainstream media. They are all owned by conservative billionaires and stock hoarding companies that are also run by billionaires. Even when something appears and gets a ”liberal” label, it is just a trick to keep us calm. The truth is that everything is actually planned like a game.

Welcome to the new phase of capitalism, fellas… If a company is simply a legalized entity that represents a group of people, and a group of people dominating the market is a monopoly, then what’s the difference between a single group of people and multiple groups of people with the same interests and intent on dominating the market? A group of companies is just a larger group of people divided up to look like smaller groups. Legally they are separate entities, but they don’t have to act separately to corner a market between 2 or more of them. Actually, everything you want to know about it, you can read right here –


Oral care, skincare, household care, skin cleansing, haircare, tea, ice cream & juice, and many other companies are actually owned by one single name! They are just dividing it so you think something different happens, but it doesn’t. And of course, they can get a lot of money that way. Also, escaping many rules is easier by doing it like that.

The “Rule of Five” in which 5 companies control 90% of a function, business, product, or raw material is true for every major resource of the commodity on earth, as documented in the book Who Owns the Earth. This applies to oil (largest revenue source) as well as (guess what is number two?) -yes, you’re right, it’s coffee! Hmmm, who would say?

Also, agricultural crops and even blood and body parts for transplants can be considered in this group. That is our world.

Bill Gates bought 49% of Apple back in the ’90s so he wouldn’t lose his only competitor and be sued for being a monopoly. He didn’t TECHNICALLY own Apple, he only owned 49% of it. That’s exactly what I mentioned at the beginning of this article…

In Australia, news corporations own 60-70% of news media, and that should be a good example for everyone. For capitalist systems to thrive, there MUST be competition. The more competition the better.

All the food in the supermarket is owned by a few companies. The same corporations that buy our politicians are the same ones who own the media. I saw this coming years ago when local newspapers sold out to ever-larger ones.

The ILLUSION of choice. One hundred different flavors of cereal – manufactured and sold by only three different mega-corporations. Same thing with entertainment, and “news.” It’s all MIND CONTROL and mass public PERSUASION now.

A lot of people are aware of this, but the names change so much as a result of mega-mergers so it can be hard to keep track. Essentially, AT&T = Time Warner… and National Amusements = Viacom. Time Warner Cable was spun off from Time Warner in the mid-2000s becoming independent. It later merged with Bright House to become Charter Communications. DreamWorks is tricky, in 2004 live-action DreamWorks and its animation division spun off becoming 2 separate companies. The distribution of the live-action movies bounced around to Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Disney (through Touchstone Pictures), and finally at Universal. For the animation wing, it bounced from Paramount to 20th Century Fox and later Universal.

The big difference is Paramount has the film rights to certain live-action movies while Universal/Comcast has the film rights to the entire animation library. NatGeo is majority held by Disney. GQ is owned by Advance Publications (who have a stake in Discovery Channel).

Comcast also owns Sky News UK, Sky UK, Telemundo, and up until very recently Euronews. Fox News is NOT owned by Disney, but by Rupert Murdoch. Sky News Australia is a completely different company from Sky UK. Dream works animation is owned by Universal, Disney owns 20th-century Fox – AT&T sold it a stake in Hulu and only purchased Warner media, not time Warner cable (Spectrum). This list is literally endless…

sdffdThe CEO Murdoch owns 70% of Australian media, and he owns Fox News, and people wonder why Australia is South Pacific Texas TWC got sold off in 2009, and sold to Charter Communications, and renamed Spectrum in 2015. SINCLAIR BROADCASTING 59 Fox affiliates, 41 ABC affiliates, 30 CBS affiliates, 25 NBC Stations Disney only owns 16% of Vice.


This is what needs to be taught in school. Instead, I learned how to square dance and how to find the slope of a line. A free market is free for the corporations, not the people. NEWS should not be a PROFIT business. Just a platform to inform citizens of the government day to day doings…

Always remember that money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it won’t replace you as the driver.


Do you trust any of the mentioned companies?

Do you usually feel imprisoned by things happening all around the globe?

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