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7 Common Bra Mistakes Every Woman Should Know And Avoid

Do you often feel uncomfortable when wearing a bra? Can’t wait to come home to take it off?

If you didn’t hear yet, the truth is that we ladies shouldn’t even feel that we are wearing it – it should just make us more comfortable, not the other way around. If you have recognized yourself in these sentences, it means that you are probably making some mistakes. Here are the most common ones you should know about and, of course, avoid:

sfsdfwChoosing it just by cup size. If you choose your bra just by cup size, we have bad news. Cup sizes by themselves don’t say a lot about the perfect and proper size of the entire bra. Let’s say that you are wearing D cups. Is that all you should know? No, there’s more. Someone with E cups will maybe wear the same bra as you because it is combined with the band size and length. So, don’t forget about the band size.


Too small a bra. Did you know that if you go one cup size up that your bra would probably fit you better? Let’s explain that in one example – I am pretty sure that you ladies will understand it all clearly this way. If you are wearing a 36C bra, you would probably look and feel better with 32E. So, we again have a band size issue. Keep in mind that it’s very important…


Tightest hooks. Too many ladies believe that their bra fits them if it is set on the innermost hooks. But, the truth is just the opposite – if outermost hooks fit you – that’s your bra band and bra size!


One bra is enough for all your outfits. Unfortunately, this is very wrong. Dresses, shirts with open shoulders, and even some light-colored clothes probably require a special bra for that combination. Be sure to explore and find different bras for different purposes – at least, now you know how to choose them, right?


You wear the same bra two days in a row. We also often forget that bra is considered underwear. A lot of ladies think that there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same bra two days in a row. The truth is that you don’t have to wash it after one day if you haven’t sweat a lot, but you should definitely put it to rest and wear another instead.


You believe that bras prevent saggy breasts. This is just not true. Unfortunately, I have heard from a lot of very young ladies that they even sleep with a bra because they believe it can prevent breasts from sagging. Wrong! Actually, sleeping with the bra is very unhealthy – your body shouldn’t be tightened with anything while resting.

sdfThe bra is there to provide support. Saggy breasts come with aging, hormonal changes, and weight changes. Yet, there’s one situation when the bra can prevent saggy breasts – when you are playing sports or running. Be sure to get a sports bra for yourself for such activities because gravity is very strong when we are on the move.


Keeping it for too long. I know you love that bra, but change it when the elastic isn’t firm anymore. If you wear one bra for too long even when it loses function, it won’t serve its purpose.


Do you make some of these bra mistakes?

Is it hard for you to find an ideal bra size?

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