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Americans will be wearing masks for YEARS?

The truth is that no country can fight against Coronavirus on its own. America has been preparing for this pandemic since 2008. Can you imagine that? The real question is – How did we end up with over 230,000 lives?

That’s a huge number… Is anyone, including the MEDIA, capable to access the actual medical record that detail the course of these possible figures? Can certain individuals confirm these numbers to be completely real? And what is with those that are not documented?

What if all this is not real? I mean, we ended with 230k because they counted car accidents and cancer patients. They are adding people who don’t have a chance to cure their illnesses because everything was stopped due to this pandemic. They only ”treat” Coronavirus now. You cannot even get medical help for an ear infection, for example, or some other ”smaller” problem.

sdfefrfeOn the other hand – What if they are not even documenting all that have died from Covid-19? As you can see, the trickery can go to both sides. And then again, the fact that cannot be doubted – The normal FLU kills more every year.

But let’s take a look at these numbers: About 15 to 20k people died from Coronavirus alone. 85% of those were over 65. The other 175+k – an average of 2.6 comorbidities. You will find 2/3rds of the confirmed ”only Corona deaths”. They forced infected people into retirement homes to cause as much damage as possible while being promised that they can get billions of federal funds to subsidize their poor management of the cities. How lame is that?

I studied journalism and the practice of press today is all but factual, researched, and objective. It’s a drama machine that regurgitates subjective standpoints and prefab discourses. The real journalists are history!

Never could have imagined the end of the world looking anything like this! This is completely insane and the fact that so many people blindly follow along without question is alarming! It’s enough to make me realize why most of us don’t belong to this world. The line drawn couldn’t be more clear. I really feel like WE are in the twilight zone! An INSANE world and people are falling for anything and everything.

Please, GOD, help us all!  They have engineered a very unique virus, you cannot doubt that. It will depopulate some part of the globe in a few years. This isn’t about a deadly virus, it’s about total CONTROL over all of us. If they continue to count those alarming victim numbers (not only because of Coronavirus), in five years we will have only 4 billion people living on this planet. And then you can hear governments worldwide telling people how they should have more kids because the nations are fading? It’s a silly game with no end… But the main point is to confuse you (if you are still normal and smart), and then to make you so tired of their lies that you give up on everything. That’s when you fall into their trap called modern society…

There wasn’t a time in this world before when Revelation started to become this real. Events are manifesting just as Yeshua said it would.

asdfsThis definitely is a bizarre way to end this society. Bill Gates-funded vaccine with Johnson & Johnson and the scam damage. The Bill Gates DNA altering nanotechnology vaccine is part of this agenda. Control, manipulation, surveillance, and depopulation. Avoid taking it under any circumstances…

And what about our president? Is Donald Trump a big hypocrite? He said during his campaign that he would make vaccines non-mandatory, and now – a complete flip flop!

The Virginia governor says the vaccine will be mandatory in his states. Do you see how silly this is? How can one man decide for the states? But then again, mass mind control of the mask proves the point and how fast it works…

And I can’t get this out of my mind – Dr. Fauci said: ”No more shaking hands…”

I know it’s frightening and it’s very hard to open your eyes to this scary truth, but only together we can do something to save our lives and planet.

Are you very tired of this so-called pandemic?

Do you believe that we can ever go back to ”normal”?

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