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Everything Would Be Different if We Treated our Time Like Money

We all know how our time and money are both limited. For example, there is always a set number of hours in a day and we have a certain amount of cash in our bank account. Unfortunately, to state the obvious, neither of these numbers magically multiply when we are not paying attention. I am sure that you agree with that…

Besides that, people often think about time as an ‘infinite resource’. Everyone rarely budgets it with anywhere near the rigor they apply to their finances.

You will find the best 12 strategies right here which will help you to manage your time properly and spend it in the best way from now on.

This will fulfill your life with what matters. Let’s start!

adfasdThink about important projects first. Besides that, those need to be non-time-sensitive. Do at least something about that important project daily. Try to work on it in a professional way, whatever it is.

Set the tasks that really must be done on that day. Create a checklist.

What you don’t have to do? Another thing you must do to manage your time perfectly is to remind yourself of those things you don’t have to do. What’s not worth your time? What is consuming your day like crazy and not bringing you any results?

Care for yourself. Be sure to organize your time in a way where you will have quality sleep, healthy eating habits, and at least a little bit of physical activity.

Fix your budget. You must manage your money if you want to manage your time. The best would be to create some side budget for those things that are a must to be paid. I would highly recommend you to automate bill payments and everything you must do in a month (and every month) first.

Learn to say no. Politely and respectfully, say no to the things you don’t want to do. For example, you can avoid volunteering. If you do that, it means how you have more time for another big assignment in your work schedule or freelance project as well. That’s the same as you would try to avoid making a big transaction that would lower your bank account over the edge, right?

Manage time for your family and friends. With whom you like to spend time? Who is your ‘toxic friend’? I have already told you about politely rejecting everything that consumes your time and makes you feel worse. So, surround yourself with quality people. Create a schedule or think about some activities you can do together. Of course, ask your friends or family about their time management as well. Spend some amazing moments together from now on!

Media. How many hours a day do you spend watching TV? Could you do something better instead of that? You don’t need to hear some new bad news which will only make you angry and not willing to work efficiently.

Wake up earlier. But go to bed earlier as well. Don’t miss the mornings. Your productivity lays in them.

Those are not your obligations… Do you often catch yourself doing someone else’s obligations just because they are lazy? From now on, you won’t accept someone else’s obligations if that person isn’t helping you as well or if that doesn’t mean much to you.

asdfafdfdPut everything where it should be. For how many times have you been searching for your keys for like hours? Put everything in its place. Create order in your beloved home.

Tidying up. Connect the previous one with this fact to get a better picture about it. Be sure to clean your home often. In that case, you won’t spend one whole day a week cleaning your house. So, put everything in a place when you are done with it. And clean as you go. Quickly & easily.

Would you like to spend your time better?

Will you try to implement these strategies in your life from now on?

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