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11 Luxury Brands That Aren’t Worth The Money

Unfortunately, people are blinded by some expensive brands because most of the times those ‘bring some status in society’. Is that the truth? If you ask me, I would be really ashamed to wear something ‘luxurious’ just because some celebrity is dressed that way.

Why would I be ashamed of that? Because nowadays ‘luxury brands’ attack my intelligence.

If I wear those brands, that means how I cannot think with my brain properly. Such clothes aren’t any better than others, yet, their prices are enormous and they make you get your new ‘special status in this world’. Well, guess what? I don’t want to have your status.

Here is the list of 11 luxury brands that aren’t worth the money:

asdasdGucci. Just because some famous designer is wearing Gucci, that doesn’t mean how he has chosen because of the quality. He or she is just advertising it and making you spend money you don’t have.

Louis Vuitton. When choosing which clothes to buy, always keep in mind that with luxury brands, you are buying their ‘name’ and not quality.

Louboutin. No ladies, you really don’t need those Louboutin high heels because they aren’t any better than others.

Balenciaga. This brand definitely likes to ‘brag’ a lot. You have probably heard how Balenciaga thinks how they are designers above all designers. That actually makes me laugh.

Mikimoto. Oh, diamonds are forever, aren’t those? If you spend so much money on Mikimoto jewelry, you will end up with broken necklaces and empty wallet at the end of the month (or even sooner).

Veuve Clicquot. It seems like how every special occasion cannot go without some super expensive champagne these days. When does that become a synonym for celebration and fun? Are people really feeling that empty nowadays?

Tiffany & Co. Why everyone needs to add the word – luxury before describing what their business is? This one is almost the same as Mikimoto.

Lancome. While I was young and ‘stupid’ I really believed how some super fancy and expensive makeup is better than some natural which is made from high-quality ingredients. The good thing is how I have changed my way of thinking at 16, and I hope you will too.

Versace. What’s so special about some anorexic models and men who pretend to be some sort of amazing designers? All that they have is money, but they are not happy. They live to show others how they are better than us. And deep inside, they all know that’s not the truth. So, they feel miserable and they need to show how they are special by wearing some ‘luxurious’ clothes.

adfArmani. In my country, people even wear fake Armani. How sad is that?

Cadillac. Just because some sweet girl in a movie is driving Cadillac, that doesn’t mean you cannot find a better car for that price.

Overall, this all may sound harsh but I believe how proper people will read this, so, they won’t find themselves offended.

Yet, if you find yourself offended by my thoughts, feel free to express your opinion why you admire some of these luxury brands.

Do you think about how people only buy some things to impress others?

Why is everyone so frustrated these days?

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