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Why so many people today feel like how they are just ‘not enough’?

When it comes to our nowadays modern society, one thing is definitely clear – people are unfortunately full of hate, self-hate, judgement and constantly striving for some sort of ‘perfection’ they have imagined in their heads. It seems like how this world won’t tolerate you anything anymore if you are not an ‘ideal human being’.

I believe how social media brought us those new standards of beauty. When you just take a look at some Instagram model, you will see how people consider something beautiful just because it doesn’t have any ‘mistake’. And by mistake, you can have a few pounds more, be poor or just not rich, or you can find yourself ‘worthless’ if you don’t have some ”super amazing career”.

sdfsfOverall, one of my young female friends tells me she doesn’t want to live anymore because her friends tell her that she is ugly, continuously, every other day, to the point where she has accepted it herself. With abject, misguided pride, she tells me that love is a fantasy for her. For people like her, love doesn’t exist. Do you understand that this girl caught herself in a vicious circle of modern beauty standards? She believes that she is just not good enough. Not good enough for anyone! She believes no one can love her…

About 2 weeks ago, one of the most beautiful people I know told me that she feels like she’s not enough as well. She’ll never get love, and she will have to live with the loneliness she has come to accept as a part of her life, gnawing at her, constantly pushing to make her acknowledge its existence.

The youth of today are indulging in an incredible amount of self-hate. Without individuals to look up to, individuals who can show them beyond a reasonable doubt that there is nothing wrong with them, that we’re all the same, suffering from the same insecurities, individuals who can teach them to love themselves before venturing out to love the world around them. Today every millennial wanders around from one social media page to another, looking for validation and seek a cure for what constantly afflicts them.

There is a feeling that you’re not good enough in our nowadays so-called modern society. Feeling that you’re doing something wrong all the time. How dare you not to be ‘perfect’?

You may catch yourself feel that everyone else around you seems to have it all figured out. They all pretend so the society and people around them don’t consider them ‘ugly and imperfect’.

sdfdfsdThat makeup will help hide the things you’re conscious about… That something is wrong with you… That you, somehow, deserve the pain you’re going through…

If you have recognized yourself in this article, be sure to react and do something about that. I know that it is hard to live in today’s society, but you definitely need to think clearly. Surround yourself with people who really have values, and don’t act like some clowns on the Internet trying to create a picture of their ‘perfect’ fake lives.

Do you think that terms of beauty and success have gone too far today?

Does it seem to you that people fake their lives too much so they become ‘accepted’?

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