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Darkest secrets of women

Let us see the darkest secrets of women. Most women protect men by not telling them what they really think. Most women protect men by not telling them what they really think. Yet, is that a good thing? What if that makes more harm than good?


If a woman has love and has a reason to be proud of her man she will give him endless loyalty, love, support, and understanding. If a woman is being touched and made feel like a woman and not a generic sex object she will give him endless sex too. The problem with most long-term relationships and marriages is that women feel like they’ve been taken for granted. Men get used to their kindness, beauty, and everything they offer to their true love mate.

Darkest secrets:

Why do women do it? Why do women keep their darkest secrets to themselves? Is it because of the way of upbringing and our long history of men and women’s way in which relationships work, or is there something else to be said and revealed? Sometimes, we must think the other way around as well. Maybe it’s not all about women. Maybe it’s all about men. Have you ever thought about this situation this way?

Because a lot of men don’t want the truth or do they have a hard time taking it? Truth is a threat to their self-confidence and it implies change which a lot of men don’t want to bother with. Most boys are still raised in a certain traditional way today. They aren’t taught about the proper way to handle emotion. Most often, they’re either running away from the truth or hiding their emotions because don’t want to seem weak. As their mothers have tried to protect them from emotions, so they don’t have to show their weakness, it seems like how the women continue to do the same.


Yes, women need to respect their men. It’s very hard to love or keep loving a man you don’t respect. Yet, we must think about this gender relationship in both ways and consider differentials between upbringing.

Equal partners:

Women want to have equal partners and want to be inspired by their men. They want a man who’s ready to show their weaknesses, but still, stay strong. There’s no doubt that this society is hard on men too. But men, be real – Women don’t want to be your mama. If you behave like a child, sexual desire goes down the drain. Women fake orgasms with the purpose of not disappointing you, but the problem remains, and they’ll start losing interest in you as a sexual and romantic partner. It’s not just about pleasing the man, but also because they’re afraid you won’t be able to handle bad and negative emotions. Like your self-esteem is too weak, while you try to remain strong, or just look like you’re strong.


Women sort their feelings in the same way they air their laundry. They need to take each one out, hang it on an imaginary clothesline, look at it, and air it. Women worry a lot about their bodies and think if they are not perfect they couldn’t be desirable. Show her that you love her the way she is – of course if you truly love her that way.

Overall, there’s no point in faking your needs and feelings. This will just drag you down.

Do you think that men still fake their emotions?

When they’ll be free to express their true nature and feelings?


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