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You’re Not Washing These Body Parts Enough

Okay, this may sound like a weird topic. Yet, have you ever wondered if you wash your all body parts in the same manner? You probably don’t. We all have our own hygiene routines, and once we implement those, it may be hard to get used to ”something new”. Here, we will together upgrade our hygiene habits. Let’s learn which body parts we don’t wash the way we should. Some may definitely surprise you…

The truth is, there are other body parts that lots of us accidentally overlook in our bathing routines. Speaking, we are living in a society of over-washers. We don’t necessarily need to shower every day, but some areas that tend to get dirty fast easy & should be washed on a regular basis. But do we do that in a proper manner?

”Body parts that can be smelly are the ones that need love,” it’s said. From your head to your toes, these are all the parts of your body that you should be washing way more frequently than you already are.

dsfsdfBehind the ears. Okay, let’s be completely honest with this. How often do you wash the area behind your ears? When do you wash it? While washing your hair, or in a regular shower, or like never? From now on, be sure that this becomes your new daily hygiene habit.


Do you wash your feet and toes on a daily basis? Do you? Let’s imagine what our regular shower looks like. We have soap or showering gel. What we do is that we wash our entire body, while thinking that our feet and toes are being washed just by the foam that falls out from our bodies together with the water. Be sure that you spend those two extra minutes to properly wash your feet and toes.


Bellybutton. Okay, ouch. Washing your belly button roughly definitely hurts, and no one enjoys that feeling. Yet, the truth is that people don’t wash this area of the body in the proper manner. You don’t really have to wash your belly button every day, but be sure that it happens every second day.

Armpits. Too many people still believe that they wash their armpits in a way they should. Unfortunately, our armpits get dirtier than we can actually imagine. What’s the problem? There’s actually none because we get rid of sweat and many harmful chemicals through our armpits, but please spend an extra minute to wash it completely.


Fingernails. Yes, you may wash your hands as it’s recommended, yet, if you don’t wash your fingernails in a proper manner, you are not only ruining your hygiene habits, but also your health. There are countless invisible microbes hidden inside your dirty fingernails, and the situation becomes even worse if you are biting your nails. Okay, let’s make this clear once and for all – wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water, and be sure that you clean your fingernails as well at least once per day. Twice daily would be ideal.

swfwefWhen you take a look at this list, you may think that it was obvious that we don’t wash these body parts in the proper manner.

Yet, when you think about your own hygiene habits and the ones your family practices, what do you conclude?


Are you surprised by this list?

Will you change your hygiene habits from now on?

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