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Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Are you a new bride looking for the best way to celebrate the individuals who you want standing next to you on your special day? We have the best insight on thoughtful, cute gifts to give them as you ask them to stand beside you. Outlined below are a few creative bridesmaid proposal ideas that will add to what is already going to be a wonderful moment!

Customizable Candle

Everybody loves candles. Pick out your future bridesmaid’s favorite scent and add a customized message on the labeling. This will make for the absolute perfect gift for when you ask the big question. You can make the label for the candle as general or as personal as you want, giving you the opportunity to switch up from bridesmaid’s to maid of honor.

A Celebratory Drink

This is such an exciting moment, so why not have a celebratory drink for the occasion! Don’t just celebrate the new year with wine, celebrate this occasion by uncorking a bottle and pouring a delicious glass. It will make the moment all that more exciting, while also giving you the bottle to take home with you and hold on as a souvenir.

All Bridesmaid Swag

There are numerous different ideas and objects out there for bridesmaid’s—from necklaces to shot glasses, and even customizable tote bags. Your options are endless. Get them all the bridesmaid swag that you want them to have as you ask them the big question of becoming your bridesmaid.

While a bridesmaid’s proposal is not necessary considering your friends and loved ones are more than happy to be standing up with you on your big day, they really are a happening trend nowadays. Not only are they cute, but they allow for celebration. It is our hope that these creative bridesmaid proposal ideas gave you some direction on your gifts if you are going down the bridesmaid proposal route. Congrats and happy wedding planning!

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