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9 things you should never do

Let’s talk about things you should never do on social media. As the Internet is constantly becoming a truly important part of almost everyone’s life, it’s time to take a look at 9 big no-nos you should never do online:

1. Never share any compromising photos on social media.

They’ll definitely be shared all over the internet. Imagine what will happen later? Yes, you’ll probably get embarrassed. Not to mention that your kids may come up to such photos of you one day.

2. Don’t advertise your happy marriage on social media.

You can attract the wrath of a jealous ex-turned-villain. It is said that people who are truly happy in their relationships almost never post anything related to their partner, love, or marriage. Are you trying to prove something to someone? Don’t do that – it looks fake.

3. Don’t advertise your pregnancy on social media.

Things you should never do on social media A deranged lunatic could do the unthinkable and trigger a miscarriage. There’s a new bizarre trend where women are taking half-naked pictures of themselves while pregnant. We believe that you understand how bad that looks. Besides that, in the era of the Internet, we have to remind ourselves that some parts of our privacy (at least some parts) have to stay hidden in front of the world’s eyes.

4. Don’t advertise your kids’ achievements on social media.

Malicious people could ruin their lives. Besides that, a lot of your friends are probably sick and tired of all those baby photos you post. People usually don’t know that their kids are only interesting to themselves, and not to others – despite the fact that people won’t tell you this.

5. Don’t advertise your expensive buys on social media.

You could attract thieves or even robbers. Besides that, people can get the wrong picture of you. Are you blinded by all those materialistic values and believe that you are worth more than others just because of that designer’s bag?

6. Don’t be a friend to everybody who requests to be friends with you on social media.

Why would you? You’re a grown-up, and it’s finally time to investigate that friend list. Keep it short, keep it private. Get rid of all those toxic people as well, despite the fact that you actually know them in real life.

7. Don’t store your passwords or security credentials online.

Things you should never do on social media because the database could be hacked. We believe that you understand what happens next – it’s just very risky and can bring too much stress.

8. Don’t fall in love with anyone on social media.

They could easily be predators prowling on you. You never know who is following you with the purpose to make you some real harm.

9. Don’t post your private family photos all over the internet.

Someone could use them to ruin the lives of your loved ones. The truth is, there are too many evil people out there. Protect yourself, your privacy, your family, and all loved ones.

The Internet can either be a blessing or ruin your life – it’s time to stop blaming the Internet for everything. Blame your own actions. Learn how to use technology in a way where it benefits you and improves your life.

Do you agree with our top 9 list you should never do online?

Would you like to add something else to it?

These are the things you should never do on social media.

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